Federal spectrum relocation

Supporting federal agencies’ execution of complex spectrum relocation.

A structured approach to support federal agencies’ execution of complex spectrum relocation to support the administration's vision of freeing up 500 MHz of spectrum for commercial mobile broadband development.​

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Spectrum reallocation will have a far-reaching impact on wireless communication systems used by federal agencies to support emergency response, law enforcement, and national security duties. Federal agencies answered the administration’s and industry’s call to support reallocation of federal spectrum to promote mobile broadband growth and innovation. This valuable spectrum resource enables video and radio communications required by agencies to achieve their mission and goal of protecting the public from terrorism and crime. The goal has not changed. The mission is only getting more complex with advances in technologies and the ever-changing shape and form of our adversaries and the threats the nation faces. In such an environment, the affected federal agencies will be challenged to stay focused on their core mission while finding a way to transition to comparable capabilities without interfering with their mission priorities.​

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