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Deloitte XPRIZE to serve as a catalyst for change in cancer

Fighting cancer through early detection

The concept for a Cancer XPRIZE is intended to transform the field of early cancer detection by asking teams to develop a solution to rapidly, accurately, and affordably screen for early cancers where intervention reduces human suffering and improves access to cures. Now, Deloitte is working with XPRIZE to create a scientific advisory board, and hopes to fully fund and launch the competition in 2018.

What is the Cancer XPrize?

Deloitte XPRIZE to serve as a catalyst for change in cancer

Deloitte Cancer XPRIZE certified by XPRIZE as “ready for launch”

Saving millions of lives globally from cancer is one step closer to a reality as Deloitte’s Cancer XPRIZE, co-led by Deloitte health leaders and pediatric oncologist Dr. Daniel Kraft, is now officially “ready for launch.” XPRIZE convened nine international teams to share their impact design proposals across a portfolio of grand challenge areas at the Visioneers 2016 Summit. Now, Deloitte is working with XPRIZE to create a scientific advisory board, and hopes to fully fund and launch the competition in 2018.

Fighting cancer through early detection

Financial incentives today reward innovations in cancer treatment, not detection. In order to maximize progress in the field of cancer research and catalyze breakthroughs, we need to tackle the problem from every possible angle. Teams will develop a means to accurately, rapidly, and affordably screen for early cancer where intervention can not only decrease human suffering but potentially foster an environment where we can truly conquer cancer.

The prize will address market failures of siloed ecosystems, regulatory complexity, misaligned incentive sand barriers to entry for new ideas.

Accurately: A solution must be sensitive to detect cancer early enough for effective intervention, yet specific to avoid over-diagnosis.

Rapidly: Reducing or eliminating the time between a test being conducted and the delivery of its results is key to addressing disparities in cancer screening.

Affordably: Significantly reducing the cost of cancer screening is key to making it more available.


Top 10 health care innovations: More value, better outcomes, for less

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In the news:

Nine teams propose XPRIZE competitions to address grand challenges at Visioneers Summit
All teams result in viable future XPRIZE concepts, with top three teams certified as “ready for launch” in the areas of cancer, avatars, and ALS.

The Cancer Moonshot initiative: Taking a giant leap toward a cure
Dr. Terri Cooper, Federal Health leader, discusses her experience at the Cancer Moonshot Summit in this issue of Health Care Current.

Deloitte’s response to Vice President’s Cancer Moonshot call to action
In response to the Cancer Moonshot call to action, Deloitte is designing an XPRIZE in cancer.

White House Fact Sheet announcing Deloitte’s Cancer Moonshot XPRIZE
Deloitte Consulting LLP is working alongside players across the cancer ecosystem, from governments to non-profit advocacy groups, and from R&D to health care delivery, to facilitate the development and improvement of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care.

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How we are helping clients with oncology challenges

To help cure cancer, health care stakeholders will need to leverage new innovations and new relationships. As one the world’s leading life sciences and health care consulting firm, we work with every stakeholder in the cancer ecosystem, from non-profit advocacy groups to the world’s premier cancer centers. Deloitte is a trusted advisor to Federal Health Agencies, hospitals and health systems, health plans, and biopharmaceutical and medical device companies. These connections can provide the glue needed to build a network—an ecosystem—of collaborators who can re-architect cancer research and discovery in a holistic manner.

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Exciting changes are coming in cancer care

Cancer care is changing fast. Treatments, commercial models, R&D, regulation, data integration, devices, support systems, and payor systems are all rapidly evolving. We are involved in this transformation and committed to leveraging our capabilities, experience, and ecosystems to innovate and collaborate to find a cure for cancer.

We are investing heavily to further build out capabilities and collaborations as part of our Oncology Therapeutic Area practice and are aligned to the federal government’s National Cancer Moonshot initiative. We are focused on applying innovative technologies and analytics as mechanisms for improving the quality of oncology care, enabling access to cutting-edge treatments and clinical trials for all patients, and reducing disparities in care.

We’re looking at cancer differently through:

  • Cognitive technology to replace human intervention in identification of leading treatment options for patients
  • Clinical trial matching to help find the right clinical trials for patients
  • Ecosystem network development and tools to enable data sharing and access across providers
  • Informatics and data access to support and enable research efforts
  • Crowdsourcing with DeloittePixel to leverage the power of the crowd to tap into on-demand insights, rapid prototyping, and an open talent model
  • Value-based care and payment models to enhance adoption of tomorrow’s cures today
  • Precision medicine to target treatment to positively responding patients and reduce adverse events
  • Translational medicine to connect discovery, development, and delivery processes in the R&D value chain

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