The Government Worker of 2035

By 2035, radical technological changes and new generational expectations about public service work, coupled with mission shifts across the government may challenge the traditional notion of “public service” from lifelong agency employment to a more flexible federal career model. This new vision of the future government worker will require a rethinking of current workforce planning and talent management approaches. We will likely be witnesses to workforce solutions that can be more iterative, predictive, “outward” oriented, and focused on identifying skill needs in high-end technical areas.

This point of view examines the trends for 2035 and the implications for federal employees and the corresponding workforce planning requirements. Specifically, we will discuss specific trends that can shape and redefine the future of government work and the model of a “government worker of 2035,” as well as implications for how workforce planning and other talent management activities, such as recruitment and development, will likely be conducted within the future federal government environment.

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