The 3D Opportunity: Additive Manufacturing Forum


The 3D Opportunity: Additive Manufacturing Forum

May 8, 2018 | Washington, D.C.

Join us for a full-day event to hear from leading additive manufacturing experts in both government and industry.


Additive manufacturing (AM) holds the potential to increase performance and efficiencies, improve combat capabilities in the field, and unlock cost savings. Join us for a full-day event on May 8, 2018 as we convene some of government and industry’s best and brightest to drive deployment of these technologies forward with greater speed and success.

We will bring together a variety of experts from a cross-section of governmental and private sector sources to drive a deeper level of understanding about key considerations, obstacles, and enablers in AM, including:

  • Digital thread and technologies
  • Considerations for workforce development
  • Qualification, certification, and standards
  • The future of additive manufacturing in defense

Who should attend?

Personnel from the Department of Defense, civilian agencies, the legislative branch and industry, as well as academia and media, with an interest in exploring how additive manufacturing technologies can efficiently advance mission-critical strategies in an era of significant budget challenges.

Call for abstracts

In order to fully leverage/improve engagement and collaboration, Deloitte is looking to “crowd source” content for this year’s forum from the brightest minds in DoD and industry in the area of additive manufacturing. You are invited to submit an abstract detailing previous work in one of the eight topic areas listed below for the opportunity to speak at the forum and/or participate in a panel discussion. Abstracts should be submitted to the Deloitte Fed3D Forum mailbox no later than March 16—see below for additional details. For questions regarding this call for abstracts, please contact the Deloitte Fed3D Forum mailbox.

Abstract details

Abstracts should be one-two pages in length. Submissions should also include: The title of the proposed paper, author's names, affiliations, addresses, e-mail address of the contact author, references to prior work.

Recommended topics are below. You are also welcome to submit abstracts on more than one topic.

Abstract topics

Topic name Topic description
Supply chain talent development Discuss the challenges and opportunities around developing a workforce geared towards operational AM.
Infrastructural challenges to implementation Discuss energy, bandwidth, and physical infrastructure requirements necessary to implement AM across DoD.
Preparing for AM: Current and future technologies Discuss technological trends in AM, including forecasting upcoming technology and associated timelines. Explore the use of technology forecasting to help DoD prepare for AM implementation.
Security challenges and opportunities Explore the challenges and opportunities related to cybersecurity as it pertains to operational AM.
Intersection of federal and commercial Compare and contrast commercial versus federal approaches to AM implementation including challenges, solutions, and lessons learned. Explore applying commercial lessons learned to the federal space. Explore opportunities to implement commercial approaches in federal.
Cross service approaches to AM Discuss the similarities and differences between the steps the services have taken towards operationalizing AM.
Digital thread Discuss applications for the digital thread as it relates to AM and highlight opportunities to leverage blockchain technology.
Policy changes needed for implementation Highlight regulatory challenges related to operational AM including any that are unique to government agencies.

Key dates

Forum registration opens 3/1/2018
Abstracts due 3/16/2018
Notification to selected presenters 4/2/2018
Final forum presentations due 5/1/2018
Deloitte’s Additive Manufacturing Forum 5/8/2018

Deloitte seeks to comply with federal executive branch gift rules and the Presidential Executive Order on Ethics (and related Ethics Pledge) for appointees. Deloitte has organized this event making a good-faith effort to meet the requirements of a “widely attended gathering,” as defined in federal government ethics regulations applicable to executive agency employees and officials. It is recommended that employed government invitees consult their applicable agency ethics official regarding attendance at this event. If you are required by applicable rules to pay any part of the costs of attending this event, or if you would prefer to pay the fair market value for this event (even if not required to do so), please contact Caroline Anderson.

Event details:

Date and time
Tuesday, May 8, 2018
8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. EST

Georgetown University Conference Center,
3800 Reservoir Rd NW,
Washington, DC 20057

Event contact
Allison Pan

Modest food and beverages will be provided in accordance with federal executive branch gift rules and the Presidential Executive Order on Ethics (and related Ethics Pledge) for appointees.

Highlights from the 2016 forum

Additive Manufacturing in Defense Forum: 2017 Agenda


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