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Government Learning Leaders Conference 2018

Learning unlocked

On October 18th, we invite you to join us for the third annual Government Learning Leaders Conference (GLLC; formerly Federal Learning Officers Workshop, or FLOW). This experiential event brings learning leaders together for a full-day focused on challenges facing government, public sector, higher education, and organizations. Join us this year as we explore learning unlocked, emerging trends impacting learning, and talent development organizations today.

An executive learning workshop hosted by Deloitte

Government Learning Leaders Conference speakers will include experts from industry and government—they'll bring critical knowledge of the learning domain and will share their own transformation experiences. Together, we will explore how chief learning officers (CLOs) and other learning and talent leaders are preparing for emerging trends in learning, while meeting the needs of their organizations. This invitation-only event is designed for senior learning leaders across the government, public, and higher education sectors.

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About the workshop

Deloitte is hosting the GLLC on October 18, 2018. GLLC is an interactive, full-day event that brings together Learning leaders for a day of exploration, sharing, and open discussion around key learning trends that impact today’s organizational environment. This workshop provides a venue to share learning and talent-related challenges and experiences with counterparts across different sectors of government, public, and higher education. The workshop also provides the opportunity to explore research and trends with a broader audience.

Session topics in the program include:

  • Re-envision: Organizations must first unlock rigid constructs before they can build a vision of their future. Hear from a leader who ties the “unlock” idea to realities in the current government landscape.
  • Re-frame: Participants will choose one of three breakout sessions aimed at framing the realities facing government clients.
    • Leadership development: Delve into ways leaders can and must shift their approach in the future organization.
    • Government human capital trends: Explore the drivers compelling organizations to rethink how they do work.
    • Future of work: Discuss the disruptors and realities organizations face now and in the future.
  • Re-invent: The success of the future organization will stand on the optimal experiences. Participants will choose from three breakout sessions to explore different experiences.
    • Learning experience: Focus on the full learning experience allows organizations to design a full and relevant learning experience for their employees.
    • Human-centered design (HCD) and employee experience: Good employee experiences lead to improved customer experiences. As organizations look to improve citizen-customer experiences, they can look to make sure their employees have what they need to be successful and engaged.
    • Field trip: Spaces like the Deloitte Greenhouse can help our clients explore the art of the possible and “invent” new solutions. Participants can take a peek at a Greenhouse Learning Lab demo.
  • Re-imagine: Participants have an opportunity to rotate around the room, engaging in themed and topic-specific conversations like micro-learning, customer experience, informal learning, and government human capital trends.

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Event details:

Date and time
October 18, 2018
9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. EST

(8:00 a.m. EST: Registration and light breakfast)

Deloitte Rosslyn office
Room 15108
1919 N. Lynn Street,
Arlington, VA 22209

Why you should join us

  • GLLC brings senior learning executives and other learning leaders together from across different sectors of the federal government, public service, higher education, and industry.
  • The conference is a unique opportunity for learning leaders to collaborate with peers, share insights, discuss issues and solutions, explore bold ideas, and learn from one another’s experiences.
  • Interactive sessions include a mix of large group discussions, small group dialogs, and panel discussions.

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For US Federal government attendees
Deloitte seeks to comply with federal executive branch gift rules and the Presidential Executive Order on ethics (and related ethics pledge) for Presidential Appointees. Deloitte has organized this event making a good-faith effort to meet the requirements of a “widely attended gathering,” as defined in federal government ethics regulations applicable to executive agency employees and officials. It is recommended that federal government invitees receive written authorization from their agency designee prior to attending this event. If you are required by applicable rules to pay for any part of the costs of attending this event, or if you would prefer to pay the fair market value for this event, even if not required to do so, please contact us at