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Federal Anti-Fraud and Transparency Services

Proactive, comprehensive, and intentional

We have a depth of experience in helping agencies reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. By taking a holistic, enterprise-wide approach–focused on technology through people/culture–we help agencies move beyond pay and chase using predictive analytics to identify transactional anomalies. This strategic focus leverages innovative technologies to build strong agency governance.

Proactive: Move beyond pay and chase with analytics

A prevention-focused strategy can help your agency move beyond pay and chase to save on overpayment and administrative costs.

Use predictive analytics: Fraudsters take advantage of new technologies; agencies must turn the table and use technology to improve program integrity. Predictive and preventative capabilities like machine learning and model management can proactively detect risk and fraud in real time. By targeting areas with inherently higher fraud risk, agencies can strategically leverage resources for higher impact.

Find the anomalies: Identify suspicious trends and patterns as they emerge by incorporating risk scoring models that focus on high risk areas. Understand the root cause of any anomalies or fraud instances and put corrective measures in place that reduces or eliminates that opportunity.

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Detect Risk

Comprehensive: Take a holistic, enterprise-wide approach

The most successful agencies have leaders committed to managing risk at all levels. A holistic, enterprise-wise approach with pre- and post-payment analysis based on advanced analytics could yield tremendous mission value by better detecting fraud while also preventing improper payments.

Focus on people and culture: Creating a culture that proactively manages fraud and all risk allows agencies to reduce fraud risk to acceptable levels while lowering monitoring and compliance costs. Agency leader tone is key to engage and hold all stakeholders accountable.

Protect your agency’s reputation: Taxpayer focus on government spending is at an all-time high. Through effective fraud risk management, agencies can optimize the use of funds to achieve mission objectives and contribute to citizen-centric services and government-wide long-term plans.

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People circle

Intentional: Be strategic

Proactive and effective data strategies must be adopted to protect your agency’s strategic mission. Integrating fraud, waste, and abuse mitigation techniques into existing compliance and governance bodies supports a holistic approach while reducing opportunities for bifurcation in similar initiatives.

Implement effective governance: Fraud risk governance creates an environment to aid in the prevention and detection of fraud while supporting compliance with laws and regulations. It’s important to engage the entire agency by removing data silos to actively address and monitor fraud risks and controls.

Use technology to your advantage: Technology and advanced analytics provides agencies with new methods to interpret data and identify high risk transactions and processes, providing risk based alerts, and actionable information.

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