Creating Lasting Business Impact

Our goal is to be trusted advisors and hands-on problem solvers who can help enhance the value Pennsylvania government delivers to citizens. Deloitte’s core solution areas focus on helping clients improve operations, strengthen programs, and create innovative new offerings.

Government Operations and Efficiency

State governments have been doing more with less for years. Fundamental, holistic and innovative change is now necessary for state leaders to operate an efficient and nimble government while continuing to provide vital services and programs.

Deloitte works with state government to help create strategies and deliver services for transparency, performance tracking, revenue management, and operational efficiency. Learn more:

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Digital Transformation

Digital governments can leverage innovative technologies to make it easier for citizens to interact with state agencies. These technologies are most effective when they are agile, simple to use, and mobile. States can also use emerging technologies and advanced analytics to enable data-based policy making and achieve targeted outcomes.

To help drive digital transformation, Deloitte offers strategies and solutions for: advanced analytics analysis of big data and advanced analytic techniques, digital delivery services, and open data engagement. Learn more:

Health and Human Services

Deloitte has more than 45 years of experience helping states implement and manage the complex health and human services (HHS) programs that protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of citizens.

We understand the business of health and human services and help states deliver extraordinary advantages to citizens by increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility, accountability, and responsiveness of services and benefits. Learn more:

Education and Workforce Talent

The lines between education, training, and learning are blurring in order to keep pace with the skills needed to drive innovation and support Pennsylvania employers. Deloitte collaborates with workforce agencies to develop strategies and services that better align education and workforce programs to the needs of the employers.

Deloitte brings unparalleled experience and capabilities in Unemployment Insurance, Reemployment and Workforce Services, and Workers’ Compensation. In Higher Education, Deloitte collaborates with college and university leaders across all levels to implement process and technology solutions and increase efficiencies and function to address their institutions' priority issues. Learn more:


Cybersecurity and Risk

We live and work in a world that is increasingly threatened by aging infrastructure and uncertainties, ranging from extreme weather to terrorists and cyber attacks. These threats can adversely impact businesses, communities, and the government organizations that support them.

Deloitte can help state organizations take a proactive approach to risk management and effectively define and implement an enterprise risk management (ERM) program. To better manage Cybersecurity-specific risks, Deloitte provides Cyber Risk Services that help states be more secure, vigilant, and resilient in their approach to manage cyber threats. Learn more:


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Meet the leaders

Sundhar Sekhar

Sundhar Sekhar

Public Sector Human Services Leader

Sundhar, a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP, is the Public Sector Human Services leader and serves state Health and Human Services (HHS) clients in the areas of transformation, service delivery,... More