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The Deloitte Budget Solution

Consolidate. Collaborate. Automate. Track.

Each year government agencies go through programming, planning, budgeting, and execution (PPBE) to manage and allocate resources in support of their strategic goals. It's a complex process that runs into many risks and challenges with its outdated spreadsheets, uncoordinated systems, and manually prepared reports. Amidst these organizational challenges, new enterprise-wide strategies are guiding the budget process and integrating performance measures to aid effective decision-making.

Deloitte Budget Solution

The Deloitte Budget Solution (DBS) provides a framework for improving and streamlining the federal budgeting process. It combines the planning, budgeting, and execution tracking stages into one cohesive, flexible system. This helps agencies to automate report templates, avoid version control issues, establish an audit trail, and drive holistic decision-making. Integrated data management controls also help enforce business rules and guidelines to prepare complete budgets and justification books.

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Deloitte Budget Solution

A new era of budget management with Deloitte and IBM

DBS is powered by IBM's planning analytics platform and supported by the Deloitte and IBM Alliance. With it, previously disconnected processes of planning, budgeting, and performance measurement are transformed into a repeatable and interrelated set of processes. This provides agencies with the tools and confidence needed to prioritize, make, and support financial and resource decisions. They can also identify areas where budgets, plans, or execution are off track thanks to built-in dynamic data visualizations.

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Government agency data analytics for smarter, faster budget decisions

Take three minutes to learn how analytics can help

Today, federal and state government agencies are squeezed by tighter budgets and growing legislative scrutiny. They need to make more informed resource decisions but are often constrained by siloed data and uncoordinated systems. How can government agencies shift their focus to fulfilling their mission, rather than manually churning numbers?

Take three minutes to give yourself a mini-crash course on a comprehensive approach to government agency planning, budgeting, and performance and how Deloitte works with state and federal government agencies to develop holistic data analytic solutions to help meet strategic goals and deliver better outcomes.

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Deloitte's take on PPBE

Overcoming PPBE challenges means implementing enterprise-wide financial requirements gathering, planning, and tracking technology solutions used by program control officers, comptrollers, agency resource managers, and decision makers at the highest levels. Our integrated platform combines enterprise-wide availability, business process knowledge, data fidelity and transparency, and advanced reporting. This provides visibility into program performance against plans and budgets and a link between agency resources and current and future strategies.

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