Federal Defense Sector

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is under greater pressure than ever to reduce costs, which means balancing affordability with risk in virtually every decision. Deloitte defense consulting professionals inform these decisions with new perspectives, innovative processes and industry insights. This helps you effectively manage threats from both inside and out. Whether you are focused on supply chain and cost, IT modernization or winding down operations and bringing troops home, we can provide the federal defense consulting services you need.

Supply chain

No matter how great the business strategy, if the operations function can't deliver, it's game over. Today's supply chains have to be more nimble than ever before, able to respond quickly to the slightest changes in direction. More global. New products. Greater risk of disruptions. Faster-paced. And more. All while meeting new demands for lower costs and increased productivity in a ferociously competitive global environment. Deloitte can help Civilian, National Security, Health care, and Defense at every level of operations, from development, planning, and sourcing to manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

IT modernization

Amidst new calls to innovate, Federal agencies are guiding their organizations to navigate a fast-changing technology environment while managing to higher expectations and mounting mandates. All while spending less, much less.

Business optimization

The next five to 10 years may represent a once-in-a-generation period of challenges and opportunities for the Federal government. The question isn’t whether or not your organization will be affected by the shifts but whether or not your organization will be out in front of them.


Total force

Deloitte's Federal Human Capital professionals specialize in integrating business, HR and talent strategies to help enhance your agency's performance, productivity, and profitability through its people.


Federal agencies are taking steps to be more proactive in detecting and deterring threats and be more resilient to the many faces of risk. How is your organization navigating the rapidly changing cyber landscape and putting cyber to work for you?