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Process Robotics in the Federal Government

An emerging solution to unfunded mandates and shrinking federal workforce

The federal government is facing unprecedented operating challenges as they manage mounting budget constraints while trying to be more agile to increase mission objectives. Unable, in many cases, to hire more federal employees, federal agencies are forced to spend dollars on contractor support or shift resources away from mission-critical work to handle these routine, manual tasks. Process robotics can provide federal agencies the capability to operate more efficiently with reduced resources.

How Deloitte can help

Process robotics leverages advanced technologies and has already demonstrated success across multiple commercial entities. If the federal government can implement this technology, agencies may be able to realize unprecedented cost savings and operational efficiencies that mirror what their commercial counterparts have been able to achieve, driving more funding to the core mission of the agency while still providing quality operations support services.

The value proposition of process robotics for federal agencies:
Process robotics can execute routine tasks to which the federal government is currently allocating human resources with a higher throughput rate, significantly reduced error rates, and less reliance on costly contractor support.

Deloitte can help your agency:

  • Improve ability to focus limited resources on high-value tasks
  • Automate time-consuming, error-prone, and repetitive back office transactions
  • Improve statutory compliance rates to new legislative mandates (DATA Act, Affordable Care Act)

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Awards and accolades

Deloitte’s process robotics has been recognized as a leading innovative solution in the industry.

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