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Improving public sector health care for everyone’s benefit

Health care is undergoing large-scale disruption. As patient-centric care models evolve and R&D innovation accelerates, digital technologies empower organizations to better manage operations across the public health life cycle. Deloitte is equipped to help federal health agencies navigate unprecedented change and unparalleled opportunity. What can we help you achieve?

Harness change to drive innovation

Government leaders operating in today’s challenging and constantly changing health care landscape have a lot on their minds. Whether it’s leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies to solve a public health crisis or using powerful data and analytics tools to produce mission-critical results, we understand that being successful means harnessing change to drive health care innovation—and deliver essential outcomes.

Deloitte’s depth and breadth of health care industry and public sector experience, our collaboration with strategic alliance partners, and our research-based business and clinical insights help federal health agencies solve today’s toughest problems and strengthen community and national health outcomes.

Our practice includes:

  • 8,000+ life sciences and health-focused practitioners
  • 1,000+ veterans
  • 265+ clinicians, including roughly 70 physicians
  • Alliance relationships with 60+ of the world’s leading technology organizations

Our offerings: Define and deliver the future of health

Our federal health care and public sector consulting services can help you navigate today’s unprecedented digital, workforce, and supply chain transformations, positioning you to define and deliver the future of health. We design our programs, technologies, and interactions to elevate the human experience, align stakeholders, and make an impact that matters to our clients and society.

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Kevin Brault

Kevin Brault

Principal | Deloitte & Touche LLP

Kevin is a principal with Deloitte & Touche LLP and is the Federal Health Care sector leader, responsible for managing, implementing, and operating all aspects of sales and delivery across the Federal... More