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Federal Strategic Communications Consulting

Planning and services for internal and stakeholder communications

Today’s digital landscape challenges federal agencies to deliver information in a way that is connected, integrated, and efficient. Implementing a results-driven communications strategy is no longer just beneficial to the mission success of federal organizations—it is critical. Federal leaders need holistic solutions to transform and sustain their engagement with their audiences. Deloitte sees an exciting opportunity for the federal government to communicate with its workforce and constituencies in thoughtful, engaging ways.

Today’s communication landscape

To accomplish their missions, federal agencies must persuade, educate, motivate, and mobilize employees and stakeholders. Yet these groups often consume information in different ways, at different times, and in different places; they may also be resistant to change.

How can federal agencies reach their stakeholders consistently and effectively?

Through strategic communications—an innovative process to achieve strategic objectives by engaging and informing key stakeholders to encourage behavior change and accomplish critical missions. Strategic communications drive information sharing, transparency, customer engagement, and behavioral change to solve inefficiencies and transform organizations.

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Frame the challenge—and the opportunity

Federal agencies must embrace their responsibility, and potential, for driving impact through strategic communications. With virtually unparalleled experience with the federal government, Deloitte knows and understands the challenges faced by federal agencies. We see three themes that significantly define the landscape in which our federal clients operate and that present key opportunity for taking their work to the next level.

Conquering the digital landscape
The digital trend is fundamentally transforming federal agencies. Deloitte brings cutting-edge solutions, new platforms, and advanced analytical tools to help federal agencies keep pace with their private sector counterparts.

Increasing employee engagement
Federal leaders need the right tools and the right data to measure, monitor, and improve employee engagement. Our engagement offerings operate across the workplace to map drivers to results, which can lead to increased individual and organizational performance.

Creating customer satisfaction
Deloitte harnesses demonstrated commercial experience in customer satisfaction and customer experience to develop strategies for federal leaders. Our offerings emphasize design thinking to help our clients create solutions with the end customer’s needs and desires at the forefront.

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How we can help

Deloitte’s communications framework takes discrete problems and transforms them into opportunities. We develop communications for the right audience, at the right time, through the right channels, all with the goal of enhancing stakeholder impact. Our approach helps federal agency leaders design, align, and execute communications strategies that enhance mission outcomes. We shape and deliver solutions that position our clients to communicate their messages clearly and powerfully, using a diverse suite of tools and methodologies, such as:

  • Advanced digital, web, and social media
  • Brand development and marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Communications planning
  • Crisis communications
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Video production


Watch the video for a different view of our work

Strategic communications in action

Across the federal government, agencies must communicate with a diverse array of stakeholders across mobile, web-based, and traditional platforms. We collaborate with federal agencies to innovate communications and improve customer experience and talent engagement every day. Federal agencies are navigating this complex communications environment with us as their guide.

Stakeholder engagement in action

In support of a complex new regulation impacting thousands of stakeholders, a federal agency sought a disciplined approach to stakeholder engagement. Deloitte created a registry of all internal and external stakeholders, grouping them on a matrix of impact and influence. The agency used the stakeholder analysis to make informed decisions regarding how to allocate limited resources, who to engage, and in what priority.

Measurement and analytics in action

For a civilian agency launching a new software application, Deloitte measured the extent to which users understood the information they were receiving. Deloitte used real-time “help desk” data to understand how users were using the software and what mistakes they were making. Targeted communications were then developed and provided to users, thus enhancing overall user experience with the application.

Video production in action

Deloitte supported a transformational effort in a defense organization through the creation of live-action videos used to convey key messages and concepts. The video featured over 30 employees as “actors” and issued a challenge to others to “get smart” and learn more about the program through the organization’s portal. The result was a 500 percent increase in visitor website traffic, and a request for additional videos that focused on the case for change and proactive management.

Unlocking potential through innovation

For many federal agencies, reaching key audiences—the general public, their stakeholders, policymakers—depends on their ability to communicate strategically in a competing and ever-changing world of engagements. Deloitte has been recognized for a wide range of accomplishments in strategic communications, from video production to social media campaigns.

Work with us

As a federal agency, you can leverage the full strength of Deloitte’s strategic communications capabilities through easy-to-use government contract vehicles. Deloitte is on the Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) and Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) contract schedules.

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