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Mission Systems Engineering Solutions

Modernizing mission capabilities at the speed of need

Advanced and integrated enterprise capabilities are more mission-critical than ever—and bringing them online can be incredibly complex. As potential adversaries pursue cutting-edge capabilities, they face fewer regulations and take greater risks. Digital engineering-enabled mission systems engineering is a way to modernize fast, efficiently, and with the end user in mind.

It isn’t a frontier anymore

Complex, integrated hardware and software systems for satellites, aircraft, and C5ISR systems are critical to the work of sailors, soldiers, airmen, agents, officers, and first responders. Yet, as technology accelerates, acquisition timelines for mission systems extend too long, resulting in deployed operational systems that become outdated almost immediately.

Deloitte’s Mission Systems Engineering (MSE) offering helps government organizations define, design, develop, acquire, deploy, and sustain capabilities. We combine traditional systems engineering capabilities with our strengths in modernization, strategy, and risk analysis. This allows us to create innovative digital engineering concepts and pinpoint leading practices that achieve mission success to improve national security and the safety of our operators.

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Mission systems engineering can help shorten timelines and create higher confidence that systems will satisfy the needs they’re designed to fulfill.

— Lee Wilbur, Mission Systems Engineering, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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A different approach for different results

Mission systems engineering applies digital engineering methods and tools that allow government organizations to deploy mission solutions faster and more efficiently. But there’s more to it than that. Unique to our method, we focus on the whole ecosystem of the acquisition and development lifecycle—from culture to organization transformation to policy.

We continuously invest in technology and solutions to make our systems engineering tools and processes more effective and efficient. Our cutting-edge mission systems engineering offerings, which utilize digital engineering approaches, are tailored to an organization’s specific requirements to field new mission-critical capabilities faster and with reduced costs.

Looking beyond our offerings, our people are our greatest differentiator. Our culture and track record attract top talent, and our MSE community is continually expanding as we develop our perspectives through a diverse set of practitioners with competencies in technology, strategy, and human capital. Based on decades of experience in the defense sector, our ties to past and present industry experts allow us to draw from tacit knowledge that educate our people and drive our mission-tailored solutions. Our people bring their fluency in industry-leading tools to all aspects of their work.

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Our mission systems engineering specialty areas:

Mission systems engineering offerings

A fast-changing environment

The pace of technology development and the proliferation of new systems are fundamentally changing the ways people think about critical government and defense capabilities. The combination of government and commercial resources doesn’t just make new ways of thinking possible—it makes them mandatory.

Meanwhile, civil, military, and intelligence organizations are experiencing significant market disruption in fielding new and improved capabilities. The disruption is caused by constantly evolving threats and rapidly changing technology influenced by policy and regulations. Couple this with demands from government stakeholders for lower cost, more rapid acquisition and you have a situation where government organizations should change how they develop and deploy new capabilities at the “speed of need”.

Deloitte helps organizations benefit from MSE by using its mission-critical capabilities to their full potential. We not only focus on helping organizations exploit the technical benefits of systems engineering, but also help adapt their engineering and acquisition processes and evolve their government workforces to realize the full value of MSE.

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Our team

Lee Wilbur is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP and leads Deloitte’s Mission Systems Engineering offering. Lee has been with Deloitte for two years and has more than 35 years of federal mission systems engineering experience. Lee has a broad technical background spanning products and services across multiple market segments including, aerospace and defense, C4ISR, and the intelligence community.

Peter Liu is a managing director Deloitte Consulting LLP, with a focus on Deloitte’s Mission Systems Engineering offering. Formerly a technology startup entrepreneur, he has more than 20 years of experience in program and project management. His experience includes program management of large contracts; strategic oversight on complex, technical contracts; executive-level and front office support; and innovation and technology incubation.

Biff Lyons is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP, with a focus on Deloitte’s Mission Systems Engineering offering in the defense and national security space. His more than 20 years career has been spent working on compelling and complex technical challenges facing the US government. His services have spanned the roles of analyst, scientist, engineer, and executive across the aerospace, defense, intelligence, C4ISR, and Homeland Security community.

Dr. Wendin D. Smith is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP, with a focus on Deloitte’s Mission Systems Engineering offering. Her prior roles include service to the US Special Operations Command as the Senior Advisor for Countering for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD), and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for CWMD. Wendin’s 25+ year background includes service in the private and public sectors, including the formation and operation of two separate woman-owned businesses focused primarily on defense and national security programs, as well as regional expertise in the former Soviet Union.

Nicole Funk is a leader in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Defense, Security & Justice sector with a focus on military clients and with emphasis on Mission Systems Engineering. Prior to joining Deloitte in July of 2019, Ms. Funk worked in support of U.S. Defense Missions, with an emphasis in Army, for more than 25 years. She has a BS in Biology and an MS in Biotechnology and holds a certification in Business Strategy. She began her career with a focus in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), including long range planning, countering threats in the areas of biological, chemical, nuclear and radiological weapons. She worked across every command in the Army, and also supported all military branches in this mission critical offering. Previously, she was the Location Leader in a Defense and Intelligence Business unit, working to mitigate risk and assist with strategic growth in US geographies.

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