businessCONNECT: The case for modernizing government services

Creating business-friendly environments through innovation

Creating a vibrant economic development environment for businesses to thrive is critical if government agencies want to increase revenue and make their state more attractive to new employers and employees, but it does not happen by accident. Innovative state and local governments are modernizing to accelerate business growth at the same time they are simplifying revenue collection. These states are making it clear: We're open for business.

Licensing modernization services

With limited investment dollars and a strong need to drive economic growth, states need to make it easy to do business. Embracing digital services is a path to future growth that we’ve seen play out to great success in the private sector years ago. Digitizing licensing and permitting has the potential for one of the biggest payoffs. When states automate their licensing procedures—including inspections, code enforcement, application processing, and approvals—they can drive economic growth, meeting rising service expectations and achieving sustainable efficiency gains.

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businessCONNECT: Good services, good business

Attracting and retaining new businesses starts with seeing the world from the eyes of business leaders who desire modern tools for frictionless interactions with state and local agencies.

Forward-thinking governments are implementing centralized digital platforms, allowing businesses to conveniently interact and collaborate with government agencies online. Deloitte’s businessCONNECT is one such platform that’s helping states realize the value of a digital engagement solution. For instance, businessCONNECT allows business leaders to easily see the status of their business registration, submit license applications, pay associated fees, and more. Questions and concerns are easily resolved via web chats with government advisers. It also includes a decision tree wizard, which helps business owners navigate government services and processes relevant regulations based on their specific needs.

Government modernization for bottom line results

By leveraging businessCONNECT, states can attract new businesses, reduce transaction costs, increase tax revenues, improve customer service, and forge closer connections with the business community. When companies have a clearer understanding of local regulations, states can anticipate higher compliance rates for licenses and permits, as well as timely payments of fees. Fewer manual processes mean less data-entry overhead and input errors.

businessCONNECT also enables states to identify opportunities for more effective resource allocation. For example, by applying risk-based analysis to data gathered via electronic processes, government leaders can determine which business owners are least likely to comply with regulations, and then prioritize inspections accordingly.

One of the largest potential benefits is businessCONNECT’s ability to automate licensing, including inspections, code enforcement, application processing, and approvals. This enables business leaders to self-serve and allows governments to track licensing data and more accurately forecast revenue.

Five steps to attract new business

Digital engagement platforms such as businessCONNECT provide a modern, cloud-based platform for collaborating with businesses and creating a climate that attracts new entrepreneurs. But technology alone isn’t the answer. Digital modernization of government services should be combined with the following leading practices to maximize results:

  1. Focus on the art of the possible
  2. Build a strategic digital roadmap
  3. Understand constituent experience
  4. Elicit continuous feedback from the business community
  5. Use an agile approach to technology implementation

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