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Federal National Security Consulting Services

The analytics behind the intelligence

Deloitte offers national security consulting and advisory services to clients across the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the intelligence community. From cyber and logistics to data visualization and mission analytics, personnel, and finance, we bring insights from our client experience and research to drive bold and lasting results in the national security and intelligence sector. People, ideas, technology, and outcomes—all designed for impact.

The minds behind the machines

Robotics are the rage—but what does the hype mean for national security agencies? Digital labor empowers your workforce, enhances stakeholder engagement, automates workloads, and increases productivity. The big picture: reduce costs, free up millions of labor hours for more mission critical tasks, and ultimately, increase readiness.

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The data behind the decisions

Getting trusted data to the right decision makers at the right time is essential to mission support and execution. For more than 100 years, Deloitte has been helping clients make decisions based on trusted data. Learn the latest on how we are enabling informed decisions, allocating resources, and improving operations for national security agencies.

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Modernization behind the mission

Unified mission and operational system capabilities is the cornerstone for modernization. As the pace of technological innovation accelerates, legacy core systems can’t keep up. People, processes, and operating models have to adapt to the rapidly changing workforce and the fast pace of disruption. Deloitte has a better path to harness this changing environment and achieve bold outcomes for national security agencies.

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The analytics behind the intelligence

The best analytics initiatives require focused outcomes, perspective on the data available to support those outcomes, and an ability to garner insights gleaned from the data. Deloitte’s global footprint gives us unique perspective around where data can be collected and synthesized to support mission needs and national security. Combining Deloitte’s perspective with the latest in cognitive design, you obtain faster, more predictive, and higher quality outcomes.

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The cyber for the frontline

Where does cyber fit in your operations? At the frontline. As adversarial threats proliferate, cyber is the frontline in global intelligence. Deloitte’s Secure.Vigilant.Resilient.™ approach helps manage the cyber risks you know and get ahead of the ones you don’t.

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Augmented security

What can cognitive tech do for your cybersecurity professionals? As the cybersecurity talent shortage continues, adding cognitive technologies into the mix can help automate routine tasks, increase responsiveness, and allow cyber professionals to focus more on tasks requiring human ingenuity. Learn how it could work.

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3D opportunity for adversaries

The same benefits that make additive manufacturing a valuable capability for manufacturers may also be exploited by those seeking to do harm. How can those tasked with protecting the populace anticipate these trends and prepare for action?

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Designed for impact

Our Federal Government Services teams bring fresh perspective—from inside and outside government—to help solve our nation’s biggest challenges. People, ideas, technology, and outcomes—all designed for impact.

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