Health Nonprofit Consulting and Strategic services

Innovative management solutions to drive impact for patients

Our diverse professionals help nonprofit organizations provide services and solutions to consumers, while navigating the complexities of the US and global health environment. From our extensive experience serving clients in the nonprofit sector to our support as board members of local, regional, and national organizations, Deloitte professionals offer a broad range of knowledge and services to meet these challenges with innovative approaches.

How we use nonprofit consulting services to help organizations

We use nonprofit consulting and strategic planning to help nonprofits be successful by utilizing and adapting business management frameworks for their operations, making informed decisions on the return value of their investments. They lead with the mission to get the resources they need, be it from institutional or individual investors.

Younger donors, in particular, are interested in “high-impact philanthropy” and want nonprofits to use metrics from the business realm to measure the impact of their efforts. In today’s world, health nonprofits are being asked to do more with less, making transparency and collaboration essential elements of a successful business model.

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Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) project

Deloitte is supporting Emory Global Health Institute with the development of the CHAMPS Network, a new global health surveillance network funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The CHAMPS Network’s primary objective is to track the definitive causes of child mortality in Africa and South Asia through the use of minimally-invasive tissue sampling and robust laboratory testing through molecular and pathological methods. Data received will be used by a variety of stakeholders, including local communities, national governments, and global donor and research organizations.

Deloitte provides nonprofit strategic planning to the CHAMPS Program Office (PO), consisting of individuals from the Emory Global Health Institute, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Public Health Informatics Institute, and the International Association of National Public Health Institutes. The Program Office is in the early stages of network development, and Deloitte led the development of the PO’s site selection plan for the first three sites for investment.

The team developed a process and tools to identify potential sites and assess their clinical, laboratory, epidemiology/surveillance, IT, and management/leadership capacities to become CHAMPS Network sites. After an initial set of sites was identified, Deloitte also accompanied PO members on site visits to further validate site suitability and contributed to final investment recommendations.

The Deloitte team is also assisting with the development of the surveillance and laboratory protocols for the CHAMPS Network and providing management support to the Internal Review Board/ethical submissions in both the United States and site host countries. In addition, the team is responsible for creating the site management and performance management strategies to assist the PO with monitoring the sites over time.​

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Deloitte + Crohn's & Colitis Foundation—Plexus

Deloitte is providing nonprofit consulting to Chrohn’s & Colitis Foundation to design, build, and implement IBD Plexus, which at completion will be the world’s largest Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) research database. IBD Plexus will bring together clinical, research, bio-sample, and patient-reported data in a database available to the research and medical community to accelerate progress in IBD therapeutic development.​

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American Diabetes Association (ADA)—Nonprofit strategic planning

Deloitte used nonprofit strategic planning to establish a plan and business model for ADA to help address changing market dynamics, serve growing populations affected by diabetes, and innovate in its operational approach and go-to-market initiatives. Deloitte also conducted a data quality assessment and developed a data governance roadmap to ensure ADA remained mission-focused, data-driven, and donor-aligned.​

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Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute (KCALSI)—Nonprofit strategic planning

Deloitte built a bi-state, regional strategic plan that will guide life sciences in the Kansas City area for the next decade. Activities included performing a strategic assessment to evaluate the current environment and leading global life sciences clusters; interviewing and gathering buy-in from science, business, and civic leaders; and conducting a strategic choices workshop to identify tradeoffs and implications.

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Patient Centered Outcome Institute (PCORI)—Communications

Deloitte worked with PCORI to develop and implement a standardized review process for communications, which included communications tools and training materials. PCORI used Deloitte’s nonprofit consulting to have a clearer understanding of roles and responsibilities for communications, and information management has vastly improved, reducing errors in internal communications and external materials.​

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Solving the country’s opioid crisis

Collaboration at every level
Opioid abuse is quickly growing into a major public health crisis in the US. The problem now receiving focused attention from many government stakeholders. We all need to work together to tackle this epidemic and correct the course. There is a role for each and every one of us to combat the opioid abuse crisis in this country and to intervene, heal, and prevent. But, it is going to take all hands on deck.

Read more about Solving the country’s opioid crisis.

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