Deloitte's 2015 Real Estate Industry Update

December 8, 2015 | Los Angeles, CA

Deloitte hosted its annual Real Estate Industry Update in Los Angeles, CA where our subject matter specialists discussed recent and pending accounting, regulatory, and tax changes that impact the real estate industry. Deloitte’s professionals helped identify approaches and strategies for delivering value in today’s operating environment.

2015 Real Estate Industry Update: Event materials

On December 8, 2015, Deloitte hosted the 2015 Real Estate Industry Update in Los Angeles, CA. To find out more about the topics and sessions covered, as well as the panelists and presenters who attended, download the presentation and the bio book.

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Commercial real estate sector: Get set to be disrupted by driverless cars

The disruptive implications of “driverless” cars taking over the road are likely keeping auto executives up at night, and for very good reasons. With a technology company leading the way in developing such “self-driving” vehicles, could traditional manufacturers be staring at the potential extinction of cars operated by actual people—the bread-and-butter product for auto companies throughout the industry’s history?

Commercial real estate startups: Catalysts for disruption?

Welcome to the age of startups! Today’s technologies have lowered entry barriers and enabled startups to provide unique value propositions, disrupting many industries. Commercial real estate (CRE) is witnessing its own rise in startups with the potential to transform the industry, from the way space is used to the way it is bought, sold, and leased.

Digital disruption in commercial real estate: Catalyst for growth?

The real estate industry is feeling the effects of technological advances which are rapidly disrupting the conventional ways that people live, work and shop. These advances will have a profound impact on all real estate asset classes, from office buildings to shopping centers to warehouses. In an age of disruption, no real estate is immune.

Evolving cyber risk in commercial real estate: What you don’t know can hurt you

Retail, travel, and hospitality and the financial services industries have been plagued with cyberattack incidents. In contrast, the CRE sector considers itself to be relatively less at risk from a potential cyberattack. This is because CRE firms typically maintain relatively less consumer personally identifiable information and valuable intellectual property directly on their own technology systems.

Expectations and market realities in real estate 2015: Scaling new heights

As 2015 gets underway, many investors are more optimistic than they have been in years. Economic growth has been increasing, job growth has been improving, and consumers have been given a boost as gasoline prices have dipped nationwide. Compared to the markets and financial systems in other developed countries, the US economy looks generally healthy.


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Robert T. O’Brien

Robert T. O’Brien

Partner | Deloitte & Touche LLP

Bob serves as a Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory partner and as the Global Real Estate & Construction leader, where he works with the real estate and construction professionals in the United States ... More