Meeting compliance challenges

Focuses on how compliance outsourcing can help organizations address compliance demands while staying focused on core business processes.


In focus: 2014 compliance survey

A collaboration between Deloitte and Compliance Week

As the full force of landmark laws such as the Dodd-Frank Act and the Affordable Care Act come to bear, the need for a strong corporate compliance function—and an understanding of what that strong function should look like—has emerged like never before.

2014 compliance trends survey report

Within this report, we have combined the deep knowledge and experience of Deloitte with the broad industry perspective of Compliance Week to answer three questions:

  1. Do compliance executives have the appropriate authority and resources to do their jobs?
  2. Are compliance executives addressing the right risks?
  3. Do compliance executives use the right metrics to measure progress?

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2014 Compliance Trends Survey

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  • 23% of organizations do not measure the effectiveness of their compliance programs
  • 65% of organizations have less than 10 full-time people specifically focused on ethics and compliance

See more of the current compliance program trends.

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Compliance Trends Survey 2014 — Health Care

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  • 26% of organizations reported that data analytics and reporting is the biggest challenge to manage compliance risks
  • 37% of organizations do not use predictive modeling techniques

See more of the current compliance trends occuring in the health care industry.

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Compliance Trends Survey 2014 — Financial Services

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  • 63% of organizations have a stand-alone chief compliance offier
  • 35% of organizations have compliance budgets of $1 million or less, including salaries

See more of the current compliance trends occuring in the financial services industry.

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"Building stronger support with middle management—where compliance programs must be operationalized to be effective—should be a high priority going forward. The tone-at-the-top is nothing more than an aspiration if the organization isn’t living and breathing its values every day.”


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