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Crisis leadership and crisis management [infographic]

A snapshot of a recent poll

A crisis is a major catastrophic event, or a series of escalating events, that threatens an organization’s strategic objectives, reputation, or viability—and demands a strong response from leadership. See what crisis executives, managers, and professionals revealed about their own organizations’ crisis plans and crisis leadership.

Poll responses

During a January 29, 2015, Deloitte Dbriefs webcast, we asked more than 2,000 C-Suite executives, managers, analysts, and crisis professionals from US and international companies1 four questions:

  • What type of crisis is your organization least prepared for?
  • In a crisis, who in your organization would lead the response?
  • During a crisis, what do you believe would be your organization’s biggest gap?
  • When did your organization last conduct a simulation of a crisis event?

See the infographic below for a snapshot of their responses. To learn more about crisis leadership, read “Crisis leadership: Guiding the organization through uncertainty and chaos.”

Crisis leadership: Poll results

Infographic: A snapshot of a recent poll

1Poll conducted during the January 29, 2015, Deloitte Dbriefs webcast, “Crisis Leadership: Strategies for Effective Decision Making Amid Chaos.”

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