Managing risk from every direction

Take control of third-party risk with a strong third-party assurance program

When you feel like risk is coming at you from every direction, a well-planned, third-party assurance program can help provide the control you need.

Is your third-party assurance program a strategic priority?

How do companies today manage all of the risks associated with using third-party vendors? It’s a balancing act. Whether you are an Outsourced Service Provider (OSP) or a user of outsourced services, it’s critical to know the risks and to have proper assurances in place.

The outsourcing of key components of a business — in order to meet cost, competitive, and operational demands — has become a strategic imperative within many industries. A multidirectional approach is required to manage these complex relationships because of the global nature, risks, and industry regulations associated with outsourcing. Learn how third-party assurance reporting can help OSPs and clients clearly define, assess, and communicate an approach that drives performance.

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