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One-year anniversary: Resilient podcast

A year of insights

It’s Resilient’s one-year anniversary! In honor of the occasion, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite conversations with individuals who embody resilience—from CEOs and government officials to leaders outside the business world.

A year of insights

A year of insights

A crisis is a lot like a marathon. You can run it without much preparation, but it’s going to be hard, it will probably hurt, and it’s doubtful that it will lead to your best outcome.

It was actually while training for a marathon that Mike Kearney, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory partner, came up with the idea for Resilient: To help listeners prepare for risks, crisis, and disruption by hearing from leaders who have lived through it and survived—even thrived.

When we talk to clients, executives want to hear the stories of people who have lived through crisis, leaders who have managed risk events, heroes who have been disrupted or have disrupted.

For the one-year anniversary of Resilient, we’re sharing the story of how the podcast got started and some of our top lessons from the past year. In the volatile world we live in, every industry, institution, organization, or company is facing some form of disruption. Because there’s always a new risk waiting around the corner, taking smart risks is more critical than ever before.

That’s why we created Resilient. We hope you’ll tune in.

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Resilient is an award-winning podcast series that features authentic, engaging, and thought-provoking conversations with leaders. Hear interviews and personal stories about how CEOs, senior executives, government officials, board members, and people outside of the business world embrace complexity to lead, navigate, and disrupt to accelerate performance. And discover what they learned about resilience amid risk, crisis, and disruption.

For more in the series, visit the Resilient podcast library page.

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