Cyber risk in retail

Protecting the retail business to secure tomorrow’s growth

Recent cyber attacks indicate that retailers have become a coveted target for cyber criminals, hackers, and others. In response, Deloitte undertook efforts to understand the current state of cyber risk and security programs to address potential threats.

Due to the frequency and impact of recent cyber attacks targeting retailers, Deloitte undertook efforts to gather information and facilitate practical dialogue on the issue of cyber risk. The report, "Cyber risk in retail: Protecting the retail business to secure tomorrow’s growth" provides an overview of those efforts and summarizes key issues facing retailers.

Issues that come to the fore:

  • Compliance does not always equal risk management
  • Breach response readiness is top of mind as companies scramble to shore up detection
  • External intelligence will play a crucial role in the war against cyber threats
  • Cyber risk is a business issue
2014 Retail Cyber Risk Survey
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