Transforming resilience

Confident. Predictive. Proactive.

Today’s executives understand the need to protect their organizations but resilience programs do not offer reasonable assurance that companies will actually receive the coverage they are paying for. Without a way to measure the true effectiveness of resilience programs, executives cannot confidently make investments to mitigate the risks they face.

Respond and recover from potential business disruptions

Currently, companies are challenged with resilience programs that:

  1. Don’t stress test their ability to respond and recover, rather they gloss over their responses with simple and safe table top exercises
  2. Encourage a “check the box” mentality, exacerbated through ineffective reporting
  3. Only address limited and unlikely scenarios that provide limited readiness against emerging risks

The result is boards and executives are unable to confidently maintain their accountability to stakeholders in the event of a crisis. View the video now and learn to respond and recover from potential business disruptions.

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory helps companies: 

  • Make resilience relevant and enable decision making
  • Confidently define their capability to recover
  • Be predictive about potential disruptors
  • Be proactive in response

Transforming resilience

Crisis management solutions

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Crisis management solutions provide resilience and disaster management services to clients in nearly every industry and supply chain, helping them sense, prepare for, respond to, and recover from major crisis events. Our professionals have experience across all phases of the crisis management lifecycle in the areas of strategy, policy and planning, governance, financial and regulatory compliance, capital projects and infrastructure oversight, housing recovery, business intelligence, data analytics and reporting, geospatial analysis, human capital, stakeholder engagement, outreach, and more.

Our crisis management approach is designed to stay ahead of growing threats caused by critical events. It begins by identifying and preparing for strategic risks, and it spans a broad portfolio of activities—from simulation and monitoring to response and communications.

Learn more about Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s crisis management insights that help leaders both prepare for and act when a crisis occurs.

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