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Who says women and STEM don’t mix?

LEADERS magazine profiles cyber risk leaders

LEADERS magazine interviewed four female Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory's Cyber Risk Services leaders about their roles, responsibilities, cyber challenges on the horizon, the hot topics of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and more.

Women and STEM

Within Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services practice, there are more than 700 female professionals advising the nation’s biggest organizations—public and private—on their cyber risk strategy, planning, response, and recovery.

Despite recent reports showing declining numbers of women in information and cybersecurity fields, Deloitte consistently ranks among the best places to work for women. The four female leaders interviewed have nearly 50 years combined experience in the cyber risk field:

Emily Mossburg, principal; Mary Galligan, director; Bethany Larson, partner; and Deborah Golden, principal of Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory's Cyber Risk Services.

During the interview, they discuss:

  • The value of cyber risk and cybersecurity in today’s world and steps leaders should take to be able to speak about cyber risk in clear business terms as well as address the true business cyber risk implications
  • The industry’s understanding of the real risks and their preparedness
  • The impact of legislation
  • How the professionals of Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory coordinate with clients as it relates to cyber risk

Emily Mossburg on the value of cyber risk and cybersecurity in today's world:


…we are in a period of change. Executives need to be able to speak about cyber risk in clear business terms and to explain the true business implications using the type of terminology that the C-suite is accustomed to in describing other enterprise risks.

Read more from Emily in the LEADERS magazine article.

Emily Mossburg, Women, STEM
Emily Mossburg

Mary Galligan on helping to protect clients around cyber concerns:’s no longer a question of 'if' a cyberattack will happen, it’s definitely a matter of when.

Read more from Mary in the LEADERS magazine article.

Mary Galligan, Women, STEM
Mary Galligan

Bethany Larson on how far along companies are in understanding that actions are necessary to keep them moving in the right direction:


… in addition to security and controls, they have to be 'Vigilant' to monitor what is happening in the risk environment around them.

Read more from Bethany in the LEADERS magazine article.

Bethany Larson, Women, STEM
Bethany Larson

Deborah Golden on the impact of legislation today:


As cyber legislation continues to advance in areas such as information sharing and privacy, we see the impact on not only our public sector clients but the private sector clients as well.

Read more from Deborah Golden in the LEADERS magazine article.

Deborah Golden, Women, STEM
Deborah Golden

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