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Brand Experience Training Programs

LRA, a Deloitte business

Inconsistency between internal and external branding can weaken the service culture, confusing employees, eroding standards compliance, and negatively impacting the customer experience. Organizational development and training communicates the specific rules of service culture, aligning leadership, managers, and frontline employees around a shared vision of the brand experience.

Our approach

Our training programs speak to company leaders and line-level employees alike, helping individuals understand their role in the brand experience. When linked to measurable outcomes, these initiatives create enhanced customer experiences and drive sustainable organizational change:

  • Internal communications/branding
  • Training instructional design
  • Front-line employee service training
  • Executive workshops
  • Manager/supervisor leadership training
  • “Train the trainer” knowledge transfer
  • Relationship building
  • Orientation/brand immersion programs

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Why LRA?

Our leadership in design, deployment, and analytics gives you a competitive advantage in customer experience.

Ongoing collaboration
Periodic reviews allow us to address emerging challenges and drive continuous improvement. Our brand assessment programs improve with time and secure long-term relationships.

Emotional connections
Improving the customer experience drives deeper emotional connections with a company/brand and increases favorable perception, spend, and loyalty.

Proprietary technology
Our dedicated technology staff has developed a powerful quality management and reporting platform, enabling us to configure scoring, reporting, and dashboard views that speak to our clients.

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Customer experience measurement

LRA provides a suite of services that brings an end-to-end view of your operations. We combine data and insights gathered from across the following dimensions:

  • Brand standards
  • Customer experience
  • Food and product safety
  • Loss-prevention security
  • Operational standards
  • Product placement
  • Regulatory
  • Site and property standards
  • Supply chain, procurement, service, and product quality
  • Vendor and partnership compliance

When integrated with other brand inputs and research, these insights can provide a full picture of your brand performance delivery.

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