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Customer Experience Research and Behavior Analysis Services

Gaining qualitative insight from the customer’s perspective, and assessing through quantitative research, can provide a better understanding of the customer experience. Customer experience research can also make it easier to see where specific actions might be needed to increase satisfaction and emotional connection—which in turn can drive loyalty, advocacy, the share of wallet, and spend.

Our approach

Brand Operations Services' (formerly known as LRA, a Deloitte business) deep foundation in customer experience drives qualitative and quantitative insights into customer behavior and employee engagement. Our goal is to help you identify specific actions that you can use to improve your key performance indicators (KPIs). We can help you with:

Qualitative research
Define the "ideal" experience from the customer's perspective—basic requirements (table stakes) as well as competitive differentiators and value-adds (capabilities that set some companies apart from others).

Customer insight
Design and deploy online surveys to provide information that can help you prioritize customer needs and measure performance relative to competitors. This research is designed to answer questions such as:

  • Who are your core customers and what are their requirements, behaviors, demographics, and attitudes?
  • How satisfied are customers with your brand and products relative to competitors?
  • What is most important to customers in attracting them and making them loyal?
  • How well does your brand deliver on its most important attributes, as defined by customers, relative to competitors?
  • How appealing and unique do customers find the new product concepts that you are considering?

Emotional connection
Identify the drivers of emotional connection to the brand.

Track performance
Track performance over time to gauge the impact of improvement initiatives.

Real-time feedback
Drive connections through real-time feedback and customer engagement.

Employee engagement
Identify factors that drive churn and satisfaction of your workforce.

Financial impact
Estimate the financial impact of strong customer relationships.

Optimal product/service configurations
Discover how your customers value various attributes of your products or services.

Customer-driven insights

We gather and interpret customer and employee feedback to assist our clients with their goal of increasing favorable customer perception, loyalty, and spend. Our Emotional Connection Model (ECM) provides insights that can help identify which customers are connected, which aren't, and which experiences can drive connection. Performance on the ECM has been demonstrated as an effective predictor of customer behavior. Our Brand Operations Services' researchers will present findings, provide related recommendations, and assist you with your action planning.

We can help your organization:

  • Understand why customers come to you, why they stay, why they leave, and what it could take to entice them to return
  • Prioritize performance improvement initiatives based on what the research results show is important to your customers
  • Assess its brand/quality design, informed by customer metrics
  • Assess employee engagement and understand the impact of employee engagement on customer experience

Why Brand Operations Services?

Our deep capabilities in design, deployment, and analytics can help you achieve a competitive advantage in customer experience.

Deloitte Brand Operations Services named a 2019 GreenBook Market leader
Deloitte Brand Operations Services (formerly LRA, a Deloitte business) was recently named to GreenBook’s annual list of Top 50 Market Leaders in the US. Rankings measure the top market research firms by revenue and brand success in 2019. The Market Leaders Report also explores trends and predictions in market research and the evolving industry landscape. Read the full report here.

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Customer experience measurement

Brand Operations Services provides a suite of services that provides an end-to-end view of your operations. We combine data and insights gathered from across the following dimensions:

  • Brand standards
  • Customer experience
  • Food and product brand protection
  • Loss-prevention
  • Operational standards
  • Product placement
  • Site and property standards
  • Supply chain, procurement, service, and product quality
  • Vendor and other third-party partnership compliance with your requirements

When combined with other brand inputs and research, these insights can provide a full picture of your brand performance delivery.

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