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Brand Protection and Customer Experience Measurement

LRA, a Deloitte business

LRA is the leading global provider of brand protection and customer experience (CX) measurement services for multinational companies with complex customer interactions. Our innovative services help our clients provide consistent, memorable, and differentiated experiences for their customers.

Deloitte named a leader in Magic Quadrant for CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services, Worldwide by Gartner

Deloitte announced that Gartner, the world’s leading information technology and advisory company, ranked Deloitte as a leader, for the sixth consecutive time. The company was positioned highest on the ability to execute axis and furthest to the right on the completeness vision axis, in the January 2018 report titled, Magic Quadrant CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services, Worldwide. Read the full press release.

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Customer experience measurement

Your customers’ expectations are changing every day, due in large part to shifts in consumer preferences and emerging technology capabilities and platforms. These changing expectations challenge your ability to differentiate your brand and gain long-term customer loyalty.

Every interaction with a customer is a “moment of truth” that either strengthens or weakens the customer’s perception of your brand. The LRA approach to customer experience measurement helps you identify and measure these moments of truth in order to build sustained customer loyalty and positive reviews. Our programs can also uncover the back-office components of your operation that create risks to your brand reputation and help you manage that risk for long-term competitive advantage and overall brand health.

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Field Examinations and Customer Quality Assurance Services

Field examinations and inspections of your locations can identify the elements—customer-facing, as well as back-office operations—that impact your brand. We collect, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize data to provide quantifiable insights to help you enhance your brand standards, improve operational excellence, and reduce the risk to your brand reputation. Our solutions can be tailored to provide a snapshot view of system-wide performance, measure the delivery of your brand promise, or deliver immediate feedback on the customer experience at each touch point—virtual or physical.

Learn more about Deloitte's Field Examinations and Customer Quality Assurance Services.

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Mystery Shopper Services

For less complex customer-facing evaluations, our mystery shopping services can help you obtain consistent, objective, and actionable feedback on service delivery, sales team performance, product or service roll-out, and more. Our hands-on, service-driven teams leverage leading practices from our brand inspection experience to focus on your specific needs and questions, enhance quality and consistency, deliver targeted feedback, and drive performance improvement.

Learn more about Deloitte's Mystery Shopper Services.

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Brand Standards Development Services

Our standards development services integrate your brand standards and brand promise into a cohesive playbook, making it possible for you to speak in one voice across your portfolio. When your people have access to the foundational elements of your brand and receive guidance on how to apply them, they are more empowered to provide exceptional customer experiences and to support the shared vision.

Learn more about Deloitte's Brand Standards Development Services.

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Customer Experience Research and Behavior Analytics Services

Gaining quantitative and qualitative insight from the customer’s perspective often delivers a better understanding of the current state of your customer experience. It can also make it easier to see where specific actions might be needed to drive greater satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and spend. Our deep foundation in customer experience drives insights into customer behavior and employee engagement. Ultimately, we identify specific actions that can improve key performance indicators (KPIs).

Learn more about Deloitte's Customer Experience Research and Behavior Analytics Services.

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Brand Experience Training Programs

Inconsistency between internal and external branding weakens the service culture, confusing employees, eroding standards compliance, and negatively impacting the customer experience. Organizational development and training communicate the specific rules of service culture, aligning leadership, managers, and frontline employees around a shared vision of the brand experience. Our training programs speak to company leaders and line-level employees alike, helping individuals understand their role in the brand experience.

Learn more about Deloitte's Brand Experience Training Programs.

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LRA named a 2018 Top 50 Market Research Firm by American Marketing Association (AMA)

LRA was recently named to the AMA Gold Report’s annual list of Top 50 Market Research Firms in the US. Rankings are based on revenue, major accomplishments in 2017, and key initiatives for the coming year. The Gold Report also examines trends in market research and the evolving industry landscape. Explore the full report.

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Explore case studies on how LRA has helped clients across a wide range of industries—from travel and hospitality to retail and entertainment. 

Brand management and customer experience case studies

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