Managed Threat Services

Establishing adaptive cyber vigilance

Staff shortages, the need to cut costs, and a desire to shift capital expenditures to operating expenses are a few of the issues that lead many organizations to hire managed security service providers. But today’s cyber threat management challenges require more than a different way to source the same old approach to security monitoring.

Get ahead of future threats

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory offers new, purpose-built Managed Risk Services that help organizations adopt the vigilance needed to get ahead of today’s threats—and future threats. Our Managed Threat Services (MTS) help organizations thrive by supporting their ability to pivot more rapidly in response to threats, gain greater predictive threat visibility, and focus resources on areas of greatest impact in managing business risk.

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Fight real fires

The daily fire drill of security operations can be self-perpetuating. What commonly gets short-shrifted is the design, tuning, and development of new use cases and the adoption of next-generation capabilities that could help create fewer, smarter alerts. And the fire drill also perpetuates a dangerously internal focus.

MTS does more than help you manage your current approach more cost-effectively. While MTS can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency, our mission is to help your organization achieve your next generation of cyber vigilance capabilities so you can better detect the real “fires” that may threaten your business.

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Big data, white gloves

Because of the volume and complexity of data to be analyzed, it is not possible to detect threats without advanced automation and analytics. But neither can monitoring be a purely mechanized function; the program must be tightly aligned to the particular characteristics and risk profile of each organization, and requires tailored use case development and tuning, and targeted threat research. MTS is both a big data cyber analytics platform and a multi-disciplinary team of cyber professionals who provide tailored “white glove” services.

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Choose your starting line

Whatever level of maturity they’re starting from—and whatever level they ultimately aspire to—by engaging MTS, our clients are better able to reduce burden on their in-house teams, prioritize remediation activity, and migrate to an analytics-based platform that can adjust and flex as their business needs evolve and as the digital landscape grows more complex.

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Why choose Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Managed Threat Services?

We help organizations:

  • Achieve the basics faster with our library of use case accelerators and knowledge of industry standards and leading practices.
  • Make faster strides toward advanced threat management by leveraging our pre-built, cloud-based analytics infrastructure.
  • Shorten the incident handling cycle through automated orchestration and workflow.
  • Broaden threat visibility through a multifaceted approach to custom and industry-focused research.
  • Alleviate talent shortages by reducing the labor associated with on-premise SIEM and log management, and by relying on the advanced skills of our specialists.
  • Prioritize remediation activity more effectively through contextualized, risk-focused incident identification.

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