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Predictive Risk Intelligence™

Intelligent risk sensing to drive smarter decision making

Data and media access are omnipresent and online commentaries are instantaneous and can spread like wildfire. The perception of your brand is critical and can change with little warning, but many organizations lack the cognitive technology or risk analytics needed to generate the predictive intelligence that turns real-time data into meaningful, actionable information.

Harnessing the power of Predictive Risk Intelligence™

We’re bringing the future into the now with Deloitte’s Predictive Risk Intelligence. Through our powerful cognitive risk sensing analytics solution, combined with our deep insights, Predictive Risk Intelligence provides our clients with a more dynamic risk lens that enables them to proactively identify threats before they manifest and seize opportunities at the right time.

Predictive Risk Intelligence brings leading-edge technology and industry experience to help you assess, monitor, analyze, and predict the strategic topics that matter most to your organization—which include long-term, near-time, and real-time insights—so you can respond rapidly and enhance resiliency.

Predictive Risk Intelligence includes:

  • Broad analytics utilizing thousands of data sources that capture emerging risks
  • Innovative risk sensing and cognitive technologies with machine learning to synthesize risks
  • Human intelligence to curate and transform data into insights for smarter decision-making

We scan more than 800,000 news and data sources and millions of pieces of content, turning these insights into actionable intelligence. With Predictive Risk Intelligence, your organization can be better positioned to get ahead of potential threats with the foresight for more well-informed decisions.


Deloitte Predictive Risk Intelligence™

Why change?

Why Deloitte?

  • Technology suite. A powerful cognitive risk sensing platform provides predictive intelligence on emerging issues to help clients synthesize data and turn it into actionable insights that inform smarter decisions.
  • Human intelligence. Our team of highly skilled analysts, with deep domain and industry experience, helps transform data into timely insights.
  • Our knowledge and experience, your way. Our analysts harness our sensing technology to provide meaningful analysis and reporting on a cadence your organization prefers—daily, weekly, and monthly, etc.
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A panoramic view of critical risks:

  • Extended enterprise: Supply chain risk, third-party risk, and third-party screening
  • Strategic and reputational: Strategic positioning, marketing campaigns, sustainability risks
  • Workplace: Culture risk, conduct risk, and voice of employees
  • Operational: Product quality and safety, customer experience
  • Geopolitical and regulatory: Trade disruptions, emerging regulations, and sustainability risks
  • Financial: Credit risk monitoring, financial crime, and M&A market sensing
  • Cyber risk sensing: Digital risk protection, situational awareness, brand protection

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Mike Kearney

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James Cascone

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Derek Snaidauf

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