CMO confidential

What CMOs talk about behind closed doors

For many chief marketing officers (CMO), responding to the changing demands of today's customers often seems like an impossible mission. And for good reason.

Technology-empowered customers insist on buying at their convenience. Anytime. Anywhere. Any way. And even the most venerable brands can be held hostage by a blogger's review, which can have more influence than a Super Bowl ad. And it's not just B2C companies that are under the gun. The digital consumer's influence has spread to B2B as well. Yet the CMO's core mission remains the same, cultivate profitable and lasting customer relationships.

In May 2012, more than 35 CMOs met in Austin, Texas, to discuss strategies for growing and sustaining customer relationships in a digital age. Their organizations span technology, manufacturing, energy and utilities, life sciences, food and beverage, academia, and more. Still, these CMOs had a lot in common. Read the full report to learn more.

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