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Southwestern Energy client spotlight

To usher in its next era of exponential growth, Southwestern Energy needed to transform the way it used information. But could it overhaul its internal systems, processes, and platforms and still keep pace with the competition?

“The processes and efficiency we have been able to put in place are exponentially better than what we were seeing before."

 – James Vick, Senior Vice President of Business Information Systems, Southwestern Energy

​Discovering a modern approach to sharing data

As senior vice president of business information systems, James Vick knew that managing and sharing information was the key to Southwestern Energy’s future success. But after a decade of rapid growth, the company found itself with an outdated operational infrastructure that slowed the flow of data and ran counter to Southwestern Energy’s forward-thinking culture and plans for growth.

"We were about to embark on the next journey of our company—we knew we had to fix the foundation of our organizational infrastructure," says Vick.

After selecting the Oracle E-Business Suite as the core solution, Southwestern Energy looked to Deloitte to support an efficient implementation.

"Deloitte spent time walking us through the approach and how we would go about replacing all of our systems—not just a few—and do it in a manner that would not disrupt operations, business, and the way we were producing natural gas at the time," says Vick.

Impacts from Transformation:

  • Implementation of Oracle e-Business Suite with minimal business disruption
  • Establishment of a single source of essential data
  • Faster decision making due to sophisticated information sharing and analysis

"We have removed a large number of the Excel and Access platforms that were hand-keyed. We have automated the integration and transmission of that data straight from the wellhead into our reporting systems to be able to turn it around with efficiency and with confidence."

  – James Vick, Senior Vice President of Business Information Systems, Southwestern Energy

​Discovering new efficiencies

With Deloitte’s guidance, Southwestern Energy streamlined its internal systems by replacing its legacy financial, supply chain, and human resources systems. The team then turned its focus to the broader goal of finding new, more powerful ways to manage and share information. This was a crucial objective for a company that relies on data to drive not only its business operations, but also its exploration and production systems.

To that end, Southwestern Energy and Deloitte deployed a single global platform for ERP, upstream, HR, business intelligence, and financial planning. The initiative also established one source for master data elements and developed a more cohesive flow of data that ties all areas of the business together for improved strategic insight.

As a result of its ongoing relationship with Deloitte, Southwestern Energy has improved its systems and methods for handing operational, production, and financial data.

"Deloitte was able to bring resources to bear that had credibility, that had focus on our needs, that had focus on our issues, and a pragmatic approach to how to solve those problems," says Vick.

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