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Asset-based solutions

Sustainable competitive advantage through innovation

Deloitte Consulting LLP is committed to innovation that inspires clients to aim for and achieve new possibilities. Our Products & Solutions practice blends “in the trenches” experience with new, tangible assets that help clients address their most pressing challenge—often faster, better, or more cost-effectively than possible previously. The bottom-line: tangible results in the near-term and sustainable competitive advantage in the long-term.

Organically-raised approaches to critical business issues

Our product lifecycle follows an agile-based methodology, yet approaches design and development in an organic way—designing, architecting, developing, releasing, operating, and maintaining asset-based solutions from ideas generated by our clients, business relationships, and our employees.

At the iLab, Deloitte Consulting LLP's product development facility, teams use rapid experiments to efficiently test the viability of ideas and generate new insights for our clients. By testing ideas using real customer behavior, we can quickly separate what customers say about a particular solution from how it actually performs and relates to the customers’ experience in the real world.

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AccessEdge extends the value of existing on-premise SAP HR investments by providing an intuitive interface, contemporary usability features, and mobile access that simplify and enhance the employee experience. The solution offers pre-delivered configurability when it comes to self-service processes, forms, and access to non-SAP systems.

Benchmarking Prism by Deloitte

How does your organization compare with your peers? Insight to your competitors’ performance-related metrics can dramatically impact your strategy and investment decisions. Evaluating your own processes without knowing how the competition stacks up can yield valuable insights, but it cannot determine the critical cost gaps that drive competitive performance. Deloitte's Benchmarking Prisms, developed by the Global Benchmarking Center, are designed to help clients assess their performance compared to their peers and quantify opportunities for improvement.


BersinOne is Bersin by Deloitte’s first suite of integrated research, high-impact tools and specialized member services that helps leaders solve tough talent challenges. BersinOne provides a range of new features to help leaders: attract and hire qualified candidates; ensure they have the right talent, skills and capabilities in the workforce; and manage organizational change, and more.


Enterprises want to tap into the external innovation ecosystem to build their business of tomorrow. Startups want to find enterprise partners. Bridge connects the two. Bridge is a digital platform that helps enterprises connect directly with startups, monitor the innovation landscape, and foster new ideas. It combines the sector-specific knowledge and depth of Deloitte insights with powerful algorithms to scan the innovation ecosystem for startup partners based on specified criteria.


Through a user-centric approach, ConnectMe offers a simple and intuitive experience for employees. ConnectMe creates a single destination for HR services that connects employees to what matters—from pay stubs to performance management and even a self-service helpdesk, employees, and managers no longer have to access multiple systems. In addition, social and mobile capabilities are core to ConnectMe—it delivers a specialized “retail-like” experience where employees can clearly see their options and easily take action, from wherever they are. ConnectMe can also be personalized and customized based on user preferences, needs, roles, and responsibilities.


Deloitte’s leading Life Sciences and Health Care consulting capabilities, combined with ConvergeHEALTH’s powerful analytics platforms and data models, advanced proprietary and open source analytics, and content and benchmarks from collaborations with industry leaders, uniquely positions us to support your organization in the aim to move health care forward. Visit ConvergeHEALTH to learn about other offerings and industries.

ConvergeHEALTH Safety

The pharmacovigilance domain is experiencing a fundamental shift from operations to outcomes requiring safety organizations to focus more effort on data science and insight-driven decision-making while optimizing transactional processes. Deloitte's ConvergeHEALTH SafetyTM application provides a seamless user experience, is purpose-built for scalability and extensibility, and can offer a one-stop-shop for analytics-enabled safety processes and predictive signal detection and management.



Facing increased pressure to deliver more growth and productivity while addressing workforce mobility trends and skills shortages, 87 percent of business leaders cite organizational culture and employee engagement as their top challenge, according to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 report. Responding to this need, Deloitte developed CulturePath, a culture-change solution that enables companies to measure their culture, pinpoint strengths and gaps, and drive behaviors needed to achieve critical business objectives.


Designed specifically for auto insurers, D-rive is a mobile-based telematics solution that captures, scores, and reports policyholder’s driving behaviors while engaging drivers through a mobile app and online portal. Insurers are empowered with their own portal—a one-stop shop for access to a shared database of driver data, advanced analytics, and customer service capabilities.


Most organizations are swimming in a sea of labor-related data. They have the information they need. But they don’t have the tools for making sense of it all and acting on their insights. That’s where LaborWise comes in. As a part of Deloitte’s Labor Cost Optimization service offering, LaborWise helps executives to look at their data in new ways that can lead to real insights, enabled by deep workforce analytics capabilities and data visualization techniques. As a result, they can easily analyze their labor resources on the terms that matter most—labor spending, resource utilization, and missed revenue opportunity. With LaborWise, users can dive deeper into labor data to uncover the root causes of some of their most stubborn labor challenges.


New lease accounting standards could have far-reaching impacts on companies’ balance sheet and income statements. Deloitte’s LeasePoint, powered by IBM TRIRIGA©, is a cloud-based lease management and accounting tool that will help companies comply with FASB ASC 842 while providing the full suite of functionality for end to end lease portfolio management.


Deloitte PixelTM is a global crowdsourcing capability that brings crowdsourcing to the fingertips of teams—helping them use the power of the crowd to deliver better insights and products, faster. Our experience with crowdsourcing enables us to provide access to specific, difficult to find expertise, collaborate to develop new products or ideas, and even design, build and test new digital assets. With a depth of experience and capabilities, Deloitte Pixel is the go-to source for crowdsourcing, helping teams understand when it works, how it works, and who is best to do it.



Don’t miss opportunities to improve decision making with data-driven insights. PolarisTM can help you unlock value potential and achieve an advantage in revenue management through a combination of: Deloitte’s top-ranked pricing methodologies; descriptive and predictive analytics with scenario planning; and simple, user-driven visualizations with guided analytics and decision making.


Ten Types of Innovation

Innovation almost never fails due to a lack of creativity—it almost always fails due to a lack of discipline. The Ten Types of Innovation® App for iPad® bundles more than 100 building blocks of innovation with a sketchpad and curated newsfeed to provide a systematic framework to discover, build, and test ideas, helping startups, corporations, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs innovate with confidence.