Building the business case for tax transformation

Measuring and communicating the value of your tax transformation initiatives

Where should tax departments leaders start the transformation process? How should they measure and communicate the value of transformation? How is transformation likely to benefit the broader organization? These are questions CFOs and tax executives can count on hearing from their C-Suite and board of directors.

Many tax departments today face increasing pressure from their CFOs to elevate and expand their role in the business and to become a more strategic partner to stakeholders across the enterprise. Accomplishing this will require tax department leaders to fundamentally transform their approach to traditional tax planning, compliance, and risk management to create the time, develop the skills and knowledge, and deploy the tools necessary to transcend their traditional role. 

In this report, Deloitte discusses practical aspects of building a business case to support sustainable transformation in the tax department. The report describes opportunities to tie tax transformation to other organizational events as a starting point. In addition, the report outlines the three areas of value that can be created as the tax department moves toward its target state, and shows how those value drivers inform the development of a tax transformation roadmap.

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