The Impact of the Digital Age on Global Mobility


Digital mobility: 2017 talent trends

How can you adjust for the digital age?

In this report, we consider how Global Mobility specialists can help address the challenges and the new roles and skills required to meet the changing dynamics of global workforces and workplaces.

Human capital trends that are disrupting the mobility landscape and fueling the “digital age”

Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends survey identifies what appears to be the critical trends shaping the human resources (HR) agenda. The report speaks of “rewriting the rules for a digital age,” noting a radically shifting context for the workforce, the workplace, and the world of work. The trends are relevant to virtually every organization, and the report highlights a unique opportunity for HR to help leaders and organizations adapt to the changes and address the challenges.

These priorities and challenges unfold against a backdrop of a digital revolution, including demographic, political, and social forces. Almost 90 percent of HR and business leaders rate building the organization of the future as their highest priority. While organizations once did digital things, they now are digital, in ways that combine new technologies with new cognitive, emotional, and behavioral expectations.

In response to these changes, Global Mobility leaders are seeking new ways to shift their organization, leverage technology, and advance their capabilities in delivering an experience. This report identifies four trends, complementary to the broader human capital trends that are disrupting the mobility landscape and fueling the “digital age.”

Digital Mobility | Talent – 2017 Trends

Discover the Digital Mobility | Talent – 2017 Trends

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The opportunities for Global Mobility programs and specialists are exciting. New rules need to be rewritten for the digital age, with a requirement for organizations to broaden their outlook of the mobility landscape, while embracing new skills and roles to support a global, diverse, and digitally empowered workforce.

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