EPM's next frontier

Close consolidation systems take on the tax provision process

​Tax leaders have more options than ever and more capabilities to consider as they look to make the tax return and provision processes more efficient and transparent. Today’s market includes a number of tax provision software options as well as enterprise tools, such as consolidation, workflow, and document management systems.

Managing the tax provision process

In this report, Deloitte discusses perspectives on current tax and financial reporting trends, including trends in tax accounting, compliance, planning/forecasting, transfer pricing analytics, and other hot topics in the close consolidation reporting and analytics process. The presenters also discussed a foundation for sustainable enterprise process management (EPM) solutions and trends in EPM analytics.

In addition, the report includes responses to polling questions posed to executives during a Dbriefs webcast on their organization’s primary financial consolidation systems utilized, primary obstacle to adopting EPM for tax reporting, and where most of the time is spent in the financial close process.

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