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Global investment and innovation incentives updates: April 2018

Global developments benefiting business

This monthly publication provides a summary and updates on the latest global developments in research and development (R&D) credits, grants, and other incentive arrangements. More than 50 countries offer specific incentives and this newsletter focuses on identifying and outlining what could be the right incentives for your organization.


R&D infrastructure funding by Austrian National Foundation for Research, Technology, and Development

This call, carried out by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, focuses on investments in the procurement and acquisition of R&D infrastructure. Total project volume can range from EUR 500,000 to EUR 3 million, with a maximum funding rate of 50 percent or EUR 1.5 million. Initial “starting costs” (such as personnel and material costs) also are covered but may not exceed 15 percent of the total project volume. Companies of any size and legal structure are eligible for the call. The project may last up to five years.

Scheme budget EUR 11.16 million

Up to 50 percent (85 percent for non-economic projects) of eligible costs may be covered, with a maximum amount of EUR 1.5 million per project
Type of incentive Investment grant
Deadline 1 June 2018 for a project outline
11 July 2018 for final proposal

Contact your Austria representative

Herbert Kovar,
+431 537 003 600

Jan-Martin Freese,
+431 537 007 770


Funding program for integration of Central, Eastern, and South Eastern European Region in European Research Area (Bridge2ERA)

The overall aim of this call for proposals is to improve the integration of Central, Eastern, and South Eastern European partners into German research projects. The main purpose of the funding is to prepare applications for R&D projects in EU funding programs. The program, thus, supports two phases:

  • Establishing or expanding multilateral project consortia (intended to identify suitable EU funding calls); and
  • Preparation and submission of a project proposal.

Proposals may relate to a variety of subjects, including those in the “social challenges” priority area of the EU Funding Program H2020. Examples of topics include health; food and food safety; sustainable agriculture and forestry; safe, clean, and efficient energy; intelligent, environmentally friendly, and integrated transport; and raw materials.

Other projects may relate to the "leading role of industry" in key technologies, such as information and communication technologies, nanotechnologies, advanced materials, biotechnology, and advanced manufacturing and processing.

Scheme budget Funding (for the German partner) of up to EUR 120,000 (EUR 150,000 if a German SME is involved)

Consortia must include at least three institutions eligible for funding (companies and research institutions):
1. German applicant;
2. At least one partner from one of the target countries; and
3. At least one partner from one of the other EU member states
Type of incentive Non-repayable cash grant
Deadline(s) 30 June, 30 September, and 17 December 2018

Funding program supporting measures for biodiversity

The funding program supports measures intended to help halt the decline in biological diversity in Germany and to reverse the decline into a positive trend in the medium to long-term.

Possible areas for project ideas include the provision of drinking water, food, and energy sources; carbon storage as a contribution to climate protection; the provision of active substances for medicines; natural areas for health and recreation; securing adaptability to climate change; and protection against natural disasters such as floods.

Projects must serve the protection and sustainable use and the development of biological diversity, and go beyond the legally required standards.

Scheme budget Individual and collaborative projects can be funded

Projects should be completed within six years

Grants for companies may be up to 75 percent of eligible project-related costs
Type of incentive Non-repayable cash grant
Deadline New funding guideline applies as of 1 August 2018 (applications then may be submitted under this funding guideline on a rolling basis)

Contact your Germany representative

Isabel Antholz
service line leader
+49 (0) 40 32080 4910


Incentives for technology R&D (co-promotion projects)

A nonrefundable incentive to support co-promotion projects promoted by companies and non-profit organizations of the research and innovation (R&I) system, where the projects fall within the priority areas of the national and/or regional R&I strategy for a smart specialization.

The leader of the consortium must ensure at least 30 percent of the eligible investment, with a minimum investment of EUR 150,000.

Scheme budget EUR 47.5 million
Type of incentive In the case of companies:

Non-refundable incentive up to EUR 1 million per beneficiary;

Where the incentive exceeds EUR 1 million, the following apportionment applies: 75 percent of the incentive is nonrefundable and 25 percent is refundable, without interest;

The support rate can range from 25 percent to 80 percent of eligible expenditure

For not-for-profit organizations of the R&I:

Nonrefundable incentive;

The support rate is calculated according to the average support rate of the beneficiary companies
Deadline 27 April 2018

Contact your Portugal representative

Sérgio Paulo Oliveira,
+35 1 21042 7527

For more information

For more information on any of the programs listed above, please contact the in-country representative or your usual contact.

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