Grants and incentives program updates: July 2016

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​This monthly publication provides a summary and updates on the latest global developments in research and development (R&D) credits, grants, and other inventive arrangements. More than 50 countries offer specific incentives and this newsletter focuses on identifying and outlining what could be the right incentives for your organization.

Czech Republic

New call for the support of education under the Employee Corporate Education programme

On 15 June 2016, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs published Call No. 43 under the Employee Corporate Education programme, as part of the Operational Programme for Employment.

The programme aims to increase the expertise, skills, and the competence of employees and align the proficiency of the workforce with labour market requirements. The subsidy amounts to no more than 85 percent of the project costs, with a minimum amount of aggregate eligible expenses of CZK 0.5 million, and a maximum project amount of CZK 10 million.

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Luděk Hanáček,
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Food production, analysis, and safety; Manufacturing; ICT; Packaging

Innovation funding for secure, resource-saving, and sustainable food production

The scheme provides funding for industry-led R&D projects that focus on secure, resource-saving, and sustainable food production. The following topics are of interest:

  • Allergen management systems and examination methods for allergens and pseudo allergens
  • Avoidance of losses and reduction of waste in the entire food chain
  • (Pipe) cleaning systems 
  • Optimized logistic chains and packaging systems
  • Automatization of the production process

Bio-economy (SMEs only)

Customized bio-based ingredients for a competitive bio-economy

Funding is available for technology-driven projects that apply the potential of the “synthesis capabilities” of biological systems such as microorganisms, plants, and animals for industrial application. The project aims to support the development and production of bio-based ingredients and high-tech products with customized functions and characteristics.

ICT, automotive, and materials

Transport research program, "Mobility and transport technologies"

This funding scheme promotes product and application-oriented research activities in the area of mobility and transport technology, focusing on automatic driving solutions and innovative vehicles. Topics include:

Automated driving: Innovative sensors and actuation systems; high-precision localization; fast, inter-vehicle, and vehicle-to-backend communication solutions; (sensor) data fusion and processing; man-machine interaction

Innovative vehicles: Increase in energy efficiency by using light weight construction, optimized aerodynamic characteristics, reduced frictional resistance in the complete drive trains, innovative drive train technology

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Isabel Antholz,
Senior Manager
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Teresa Stahl,
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Support for implementation of R&D results (Sub-measure 3.2.1 of the Smart Growth Operational Programme)

Administered by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), the programme supports the implementation of R&D results by SMEs.

Entrepreneurs can obtain financing for a portion of expenses necessary to implement new or significantly modified products and services that are the result of conducted or outsourced R&D efforts. To obtain funding, the project must be innovative at least on a national scale and fall within the scope of one of the R&D&I funding priorities in the “National Smart Specialization.”

The enterprise must incur at least EUR 2.3 million in eligible costs.

Support for investment in R&D infrastructure (Measure 2.1 of the Smart Growth Operational Programme)

Administered by the Ministry of Economy, this grant programme supports the set-up and/or development of R&D infrastructure through investment in equipment, devices, technology, and the necessary appliances to carry out R&D to create innovative products and services. Key to obtaining support will be a research programme for R&D activities to be carried out by the enterprise in a newly created or developed R&D center. Only enterprises can qualify for the incentive and at least EUR 450,000 in eligible costs are required.

Gaming industry

Sectoral R&D projects (Measure 1.2 of the Smart Growth Operational Programme)

Administered by the National Center for Research and Development (NCR&D), this programme supports industrial research and experimental development or experimental development carried out by enterprises or consortia consisting of at least two entrepreneurs.

Projects must fall within the scope of one of the R&D&I funding priorities in the “National Smart Specialization,” and must include R&D activities aimed at the production of video games (e.g. design of games, development of AI, platforms, engines, and processing techniques, usage of gaming elements in other sectors of the economy: AR, VR, gamification). Costs eligible for a grant include remuneration, outsourcing costs (up to 50 percent), depreciation, and the leasing of R&D infrastructure and equipment, costs incurred for intangible assets, land, and buildings, other operational costs, and up to 17 percent of indirect costs.

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Dominika Orzolek,
+48 881 950 969 or
+ 48 22 348 35 72


Manufacturing, Pharma, Automotive, and Processing Industries (except the food industry and oil and gas extraction)

Special Investment Contracts (SPIC)

The government has introduced a new investor support mechanism for the local market as part of its efforts to stimulate industrial growth.

Under this program, an investor prepared to spend at least US$ 11 million to establish or upgrade a production facility to meet a required level of product localization can choose from a range of government incentives. The authorities will agree to protect the investment and the associated incentives against any changes in legislation by including a grandfather clause.

The most generous incentive available under the program is an exemption from profit tax for the entire period of the SPIC (up to 10 years). However, this incentive and other benefits, such as an exemption from property tax, require Russian regions to adopt changes to their local legislation.

Although there are some uncertainties relating to how the program will operate in practice, the number of investors applying is growing.

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United Kingdom

R&D grants

Innovate UK: Open funding competition

Innovate UK is to invest up to GBP 15 million in innovative R&D projects. These projects are designed to help businesses of all sizes develop new products, processes, and services with commercial potential. The aim is to enhance UK competitiveness, growth, and improve national productivity.

The competition is open to the best business-led ideas or concepts. These can be drawn from any technology, engineering, or industrial area. The aim of the competition is to fast-track ideas to commercial success. Projects should demonstrate disruptive, cutting-edge innovations, and businesses should demonstrate ambition and potential for growth.

The competition will be open to both SMEs and large companies, which can work individually or collaboratively.

Projects may focus on:

  • Feasibility studies that may include a proof of market
  • Industrial research
  • Experimental development

Projects are expected to last between six and 36 months. They can range in size from total eligible project costs of GBP 25,000 up to GBP 1 million, depending on the type of project.

Funding is available for up to 70 percecnt of project costs for feasibility studies and industrial research, and up to 45 percent for experimental development, depending on the size of the entity.

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Nina Barton,
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Grants and incentives program updates: Global developments affecting research and development

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