Grants and incentives program updates: May 2016

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​This monthly publication provides a summary and updates on the latest global developments in research and development (R&D) credits, grants, and other inventive arrangements. More than 50 countries offer specific incentives and this newsletter focuses on identifying and outlining what could be the right incentives for your organization.



Tax relief or refund of energy tax due by companies having metallurgical or mineralogical processes

The Netherlands offers relief for energy tax due on electricity used in metallurgical processes. As from 2017, the relief will be extended to gas and electricity used for mineralogical and metallurgical processes. Taxpayers can contact the tax authorities in 2016 so that the relief will be applicable by the start of 2017.

Top sector energy

The Netherlands stimulates innovation in the energy sector with a view to reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and creating an attractive new (international) market for Dutch low-energy products, processes, and sustainable energy production techniques. Projects can range from industrial research to prototyping and demonstration. The focus is on lowering energy usage and/or making current sustainable energy production more efficient.

The call is divided into sub-schemes.

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Martijn Hoffer,
Senior Manager
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Kasper Zom,
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R&D centres

Incentives for technology R&D

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) undertaking projects to create or strengthen in-house R&D centers in collaboration with other SMEs, non-SMEs, or research institutions can claim a cash grant of up to 62 percent (depending on the region of the investment and the size of the company) on expenses, such as personnel and the acquisition of services or scientific and technical equipment.

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Contact your Portugal representative

Sérgio Paulo Oliveira,
+35 12 1042 7527


Energy supplier, ICT, construction sectors

Funding initiative for “Solar Construction for an Energy-Efficient City”

The scheme provides funding for R&D and demonstration projects in the area of energy efficient construction, restoration, and operation of buildings with new concepts that include renewable energy sources.

The project should include:

  • Energy efficient buildings: Two of the following should be addressed: Building “envelopes,” building systems technology, planning tools and monitoring, data analysis, and data security.
  • Energy-efficient city: Energy infrastructure with new concepts to include renewable energy in districts, data basis, and planning tools for the digitalization of the power supply in districts, social aspects, and communications measures. All aspects must be addressed as flagship projects at a district level to be funded under this module.

Additive manufacturing

Materials for additive manufacturing

The program focuses on additive manufacturing (3D-printing) and material developments:

  • Innovative metallic, ceramic, or polymer materials for additive manufacturing
  • New processing, manufacturing technologies for additive manufacturing

The results of the projects should be used quickly by the industry in the European market.

Electronic systems: Semiconductor industry, manufacturing

Technologies for System-Integration of Future Electronic systems (TechSys)

This funding scheme promotes industry-driven R&D projects relating to electronic systems. The projects should improve electronic systems with respect to requirements of the “More than Moore” concept: miniaturization, heterogeneity, multi-functionality, connectivity, and stability. 

The challenges of high frequency applications, high power density, ultra-low energy consumption, very high surrounding temperatures, and exceptional mechanic strains also can be addressed in the projects.

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Isabel Antholz,
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Teresa Stahl,
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United Kingdom

R&D grants

Innovate UK’s new delivery plan

Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, has launched a new delivery plan for the financial year 2016 to 2017 (April to March). The plan outlines how Innovate UK will continue to support and grow innovative businesses through the provision of cash grants and networking.

The delivery plan sees the separate grant schemes for SMEs (SMART) and larger consortium projects (collaborative R&D) replaced by a single application entry point for companies and projects of any size. 

A company can submit an application to one of five innovation programs (previously, there were eight program areas) (FY2016–2017 budget shown in brackets):

  • Emerging and enabling technologies (GBP 86 million): Identifying and investing in technologies and capabilities that will lead to new products, processes, and services of tomorrow, all with the potential to create billion-pound industries and disrupt existing markets.
  • Health and life sciences (GBP 117 million): Focusing on agriculture and food and healthcare. The sector is underpinned by technologies developed in bioscience and medical research and enabled by expertise in engineering and physical sciences.
  • Infrastructure systems (GBP 150 million): Covering major global market opportunities optimising transport and energy systems and integrating them with other systems, such as health and digital in an urban context.
  • Manufacturing and materials (GBP 137 million): Focusing on advancing manufacturing readiness so R&D and technology developments can be delivered at scale across a range of sectors to increase productivity and grow to capture the value in the United Kingdom.
  • Open program (GBP 71 million): Funding competitions and programs open to all innovative businesses, regardless of the technology or sector in which they are operating. This enables businesses to address high-growth opportunities when their concept or idea may not fit one of the Innovate UK sectors or is at the interface of multiple themes with differing scopes.

Each of the above innovation programs will have two calls twice a year.

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Contact your United Kingdom representative

Nina Barton,
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All sectors

New incentives for TDZs (Technology Development Zones)

Capital contributions made by corporate or personal income taxpayers to approved projects of companies operating in TDZs may be deducted from the tax base up to an amount equal to TRY 500,000 per year. However, the amount cannot exceed 10 percent of corporate profits and 20 percent of total equity. This incentive still is valid for companies benefitting from technology-initiative capital.

Companies operating in “thematic” TDZs also may benefit from the advantages of the law governing TDZs.

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Grants and incentives program updates: Global developments affecting research and development

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