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Tax incentive programs to encourage the hiring of veterans

​If you have recently flipped through a magazine, watched television or browsed the internet, you have almost certainly seen an article or segment regarding the hiring of veterans. Over the past few years, there has been a concerted national effort on getting the nation’s veterans back to work and many of the nation’s largest employers have pledged to hire veterans.

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Encouraging the hiring of veterans

According to G.I. Jobs “Top 100 Military Friendly Employers,”  many of the employers represented in the top 100 are familiar household names. With the push to hire veterans, it is no surprise that the government at both the federal and state level participates in the effort. Although numerous government programs exist which seek to encourage employers to hire people from these groups, this paper by Marcus Panasewicz of Deloitte Tax LLP will focus primarily on programs that provide tax incentives to encourage the hiring of veterans.

By Marcus Panasewicz of Deloitte Tax LLP, originally published for the Institute for Professionals in Taxation 38th Annual Conference in June 2014

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