International Strategic Tax Review

​As companies expand globally, their global tax and treasury strategies need to become more integrated, flexible, and sustainable. Deloitte’s International Strategic Tax Review (ISTR) helps companies understand the drivers of their tax rate and potential opportunities to reduce it. We assist with foreign tax credit planning, repatriation planning, ETR modeling, post-merger integration, and legal entity rationalization.

The most effective strategies reflect not only a company’s tax and treasury objectives, but also its operational goals, development targets, and other core business drivers.

The Deloitte difference

An International Strategic Tax Review (ISTR) provides a framework for discussion, design, and implementation of global tax, and treasury strategies that are aligned with the company’s business objectives.

Our established methodologies and tools can deliver a focused analysis of the primary drivers of a company’s efficient tax model, including capital structure, business model, and tax traits. Deloitte’s fact-driven, analytical–rather than intuitive–approach helps multinational companies to objectively and methodically chart their tax planning going forward.

An ISTR can help a company understand the drivers of its tax rate and potential opportunities to reduce it. Specifically:

  • Design and implement sustainable global tax and treasury strategies, including: foreign tax credit planning and repatriation planning
  • ETR modelling
  • Post merger integration
  • Legal entity rationalization
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