Latin America International Core of Excellence 

Connecting and collaborating to address your cross-border needs

​Internationally, confidence in LatAm’s emergence as a leading world market and its opportunity for sustainable growth is underscored by Deloitte’s commitment to support business development in the region. Deloitte is keenly aware of the qualities that a professional services firm must offer in order to deliver real value to its clients in such opportune times. These qualities include an understanding of local tax laws and regulations, day-to-day business management, deep consideration for possible interaction with clients in investor and investee countries, and the ability and flexibility to anticipate the potential implications of cross-border transactions.

How can the LatAm ICE team help you succeed?

Our Latin America International Core of Excellence (LatAm ICE) team is available to assist you with business tax issues that may arise related to LatAm investments. The cross-border team is comprised of a network of tax specialists across LatAm and the US. The team is experienced in the tax, regulatory, and overall business environments of LatAm countries, as well as the US.

Additionally, the LatAm ICE team can work closely with your professionals to provide insight and assistance in:

  • Anticipating and resolving the cross-border intricacies inherent in business expansions
  • Compliance operations
  • Supply chain modernization
  • Mergers and acquisitions involving Latin American countries and the US
Latin America
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