Mobility compensation


Mobility compensation

Deloitte’s Global Employer Services practice offers a spectrum of services to assist global organizations in their efforts to proactively address the challenges of the global compensation process and payroll compliance environment for their mobile workforce.

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Global payroll operations for a mobile workforce (e.g. employees who work outside their home country) have become increasingly complex, while certain tax authorities around the world seek to increase revenue through additional taxation and more stringent enforcement of wage and tax reporting requirements. As part of this increased scrutiny, the market is experiencing a spike in payroll audit activity and reputational risk.

For many organizations, remuneration data required for payroll and tax reporting is collected globally across multiple internal and third party sources in various formats and languages. The complexity of the payroll collection process is also compounded by compliance requirements that may differ not only by the local jurisdiction, but also by individual employee. Organizations and their mobile workforce are becoming increasingly visible to revenue authorities who require strict compliance with payroll reporting requirements, thereby creating challenges for internal functions such as Mobility, Tax, Payroll and Finance. Furthermore, efforts to enhance the overall mobile employee experience by providing timely and accurate payroll can be particularly challenging.

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The regulatory environment, customer experience, and financial transparency

Payroll reporting and delivery continues to be one of the most complex and visible operational processes for global organizations. Add the complexity of mobile employees, and your game plan may require several new plays to get points on the board.

Learn about effective alternatives to address the challenges of global compensation reporting and payroll delivery for your mobile employees by downloading or viewing below a graphic representation of a recent Dbriefs webcast on this topic.​

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Tackling Global Payroll

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