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Oil and gas industry pulse survey

Report of results

​The global oil and gas industry is in the midst of a period of significant change as it adjusts to a new normal of reduced commodity prices, rising competition, and economic uncertainties. These changes are impacting how companies deploy their global workforce while managing increased pressures on cost savings, revising policies and procedures, and keeping a focus on the future.


​Deloitte has launched the Oil and gas pulse survey to gauge how companies are responding to this new normal while still developing talent and deploying personnel to meet the needs of their business and customers. The pulse survey looked at the following key areas:

  • Priorities and challenges
  • Initiatives
  • Deployment trends
  • Impact to benefits
  • Looking ahead

Against a challenging business background, our survey shows HR and global mobility professionals are responding with a close review of the structure of their international assignment packages and policies, and increasingly shifting mobility towards transfers, business travel, and rotational assignments and moving away from traditional assignments.

Download the full report to view survey findings.

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