Strategic Moves: 3 years later

An evolution in global mobility

With the introduction of global workforce management initiatives, greater cross-border fluidity among the workforce, and anticipated diversification of the assignees and deployment models, global mobility is required to provide more creative deployment solutions together with analytical capabilities which lead to strategic global workforce insights to assist companies in pursuing business and talent goals.​


Three years after the last Strategic Moves survey, Deloitte asked the same questions to a group of 95 respondents from 73 different companies to see what, if any, progress had been made and whether global mobility programs were beginning to fulfil their strategic potential. The trends showed while there had been some strategic progress, with the expectations of what is considered to be market leading becoming more complex, there is still more work to be done.

Key Findings:

  • Eight percent of professionals now describe their own organizations’ Global Mobility practices as world class, compared to only two percent three years ago. While there is only a slight improvement, our findings suggest that the goal posts for Global Mobility are shifting.
  • Global Mobility is being asked again to reevaluate its purpose within an organization to become what we term ‘business driven global mobility’. This involves a shift in scope and capabilities from facilitating ‘standard global mobility’ to supporting wider organizational ‘global agility’.
  • Since 2012, the most commonly completed improvement initiatives have been policy review, operating model or structure design and vendor review suggesting focus on cost management and operational effectiveness.
  • Looking at initiatives planned for the next 12 months, more companies are focusing on areas such as process optimization and the development of Global Mobility staff which will allow practitioners to spend less time on process activities and more time partnering with the business.​
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