Tax Transformation Lab

Leading change in your tax department

Learn about Deloitte’s customizable one or two-day live interactive session to help tax leaders prioritize department initiatives and drive their successful deployment.

Executive summary

The Tax Transformation Lab is a customizable one or two-day live interactive session to help tax leadership teams explore, prioritize, and mobilize their department’s transformation. The benefits derived are numerous, but successful execution may result in improved operations, an increase to the Tax Department’s value-add capabilities and increased partnering with stakeholders across the organization.


The Deloitte facilitated session is conducted with a team of tax department leaders in Deloitte Lab space. The space is designed to encourage a creative and interactive day. Throughout the session, the tax department leaders work together to outline a vision for the department, highlight priority areas of focus and create a specific action plan.

Why now?

Today’s tax departments are under increasing pressure to deliver additional value to their organization. Tax leaders should be able to understand the challenges faced and then determine priorities and develop and execute an action plan.

As tax leaders, you need to:

  • Choose a path—you know what needs to be addressed
  • Gain buy-in and commitment from your department and your stakeholders
  • Have a truly actionable plan—not just more information
  • Start to energize your team around a common vision
  • Do it efficiently—without weeks of meetings, forms and slide decks
  • Limit your investment—in time and dollars—and have a true ROI
  • Transform your department while you maintain day-to-day operations


Explore a snap shot of our Tax Transformation Lab experience

Feedback from our clients

"It was great to leave the meeting with a clear direction and action steps to take in addressing our top priorities“

"The opportunity for our leadership team to spend a full day away from the day-to-day to focus on the department direction was really good“

"The process forced us to put our thoughts and ideas out there and subject them to group critique and discussion"

"Interactive in nature and forces a tough but meaningful dialogue"

"Opportunity for people to collaborate on a shared vision"

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