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Deloitte Tax Lab Experiences

Facilitated sessions focused on success factors for tax leaders and their teams

Whether you’re a new or seasoned tax executive, leading through change and bringing together people with technology can be challenging in today’s complex tax environment. Our customizable, interactive tax lab experiences help emerging tax leaders develop a personalized approach to their new role and established tax leaders create a blueprint for operational, technology, and talent transformation.

Tax Executive Transition Lab (TM)

Today’s tax executives own an imposing leadership agenda: Stay ahead of global compliance, make sense of tax reform, contribute strategic insights to the C-suite, bring together people with technology to augment, and amplify their collective capabilities. When you’re new to this complex tax leadership role, a smooth and efficient transition can be essential for near-term effectiveness and long-term success.

Deloitte’s Tax Executive Transition Lab can help you get off to a strong start. Our transition tax lab is a one-day experience designed to help emerging tax leaders hit the ground running with a personalized approach to their new role. We tap into our proprietary research on successful executive transitions to help you define and communicate your tax leadership priorities, assess and develop a talent strategy, understand and influence key stakeholders, and develop a plan for putting it all into action.

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A day in the Tax Executive Transition Lab (TM)

The Deloitte tax lab space is a confidential environment where you can brainstorm issues, address questions, and evaluate three critical elements that drive transition success—time, talent, and relationships. Over the course of the day, we’ll work with you on:

  • Transition experiences: Critical moments and organizational context
  • Hopes, fears, and legacies: Mapped to what is known about your stakeholders’ agendas
  • Tax’s leadership disciplines: Evaluate your organization’s current capability of core tax disciplines
  • Priorities: Use Deloitte’s Four Faces framework to assess how to deploy your time for significant impact, and identify priorities and classify the urgency and importance of each
  • Confidence: Assess the preparedness of the tax function to execute top priorities and ways to increase confidence in outcomes
  • Talent: Examine capabilities and bandwidth of direct reports as well as the scope and efficacy of reporting relationships
  • Your brand: Elevate yourself within the organization by defining how you want to be viewed as a leader
  • Relationships: Focus on the strength of specific relationships and influence strategies important to a tax executive’s ability to achieve priorities
  • 180-day plan: Create an action plan with specific milestones to pursue priorities

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Deloitte Tax Transformation Lab Experiences

Tax executives today find themselves in a new reality. Faced with accelerating globalization, growing regulatory and business complexity, and evolving technology, business leaders are asking for more strategic insights from the tax department. To deliver this next-level value, tax leaders may need to change the way they lead and how their teams operate. The tax departments that will thrive in the future will pair people with technology to amplify their collective impact, embrace new workforce models, and connect more closely to the business. But these wholesale changes are hard to implement.

Deloitte’s Tax Transformation Lab Experiences can help you get started. Our customizable one-or two-day live interactive sessions enable tax leaders and their teams to step outside the business as usual to address complex challenges. During a tax lab experience, we can help you identify and gain alignment for your organizational goals and develop an actionable road map for making the operational, technology, and talent changes you need to realize them.

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Customize your tax transformation lab experience

Deloitte Tax will work with you to design an experience that addresses your adaptive challenge around transformation, technology, and talent. If any of the following questions resonate, a Deloitte Tax Lab Experience may be right for you.

Transformation: You know you need to do something different, but you want to explore the options before moving forward.

  • Are you faced with challenges given the tax-evolving market, such as increasing risk and cost control, aging executives, social implications, and need for transparency?
  • Are you being challenged to do more with less?
  • Do you have the optimal structure to meet the evolving demands of your business?

Technology: You want to learn more about tax technologies and how they can help your department operate with more impact and greater efficiency.

  • Do you need to make a shift from doing digital to being digital?
  • Do you need to gain a better understanding of technologies available and figure out how they can help you amplify your department’s value?
  • How can your tax professionals and automation collaborate to achieve favorable outcomes?

Talent: You recognize that skills needed from your tax team are changing quickly and want to make sure you’re planning for tomorrow’s needs.

  • What skills are required to bring the tax department into the future? How can you access and develop them?
  • Do you need to break down the silos within your tax function to gain alignment around a common vision for improving communication and collaboration?

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Embracing the Power of With

Humans with machines. Data with purpose. Automation with intelligence. Scale with speed.

Digital transformation in the tax department will be helped by people working with technology to harness data, automate the  execution of rote tasks, comply in real-time, and free themselves up to add greater value within their companies. The Power of With not only transforms how work gets done, it also transforms the talent needed to do it.

    Need to zero in on a specific challenge?

    Our Targeted Transformation Lab is a customized, in-depth exploration of a specific question, issue, or need facing your department—from M&A value-add to management challenges—that produces a ready-to-implement plan you can use to address it.

    Explore now

    A course of action tax leaders can count on

    Deloitte’s Tax Lab Experiences provide you with a blueprint for success that you can begin implementing the next day. We do this with:

    • Specialized tax experience from conducting more than 365 labs that have helped tax leaders realize a moment that matters—whether it’s transition, transformation, or exploring the art of the possible
    • Research-based content built on empirical data and cumulative learnings from more than 5,000 sessions in Deloitte Greenhouse® spaces consciously designed to help shift perspectives and enhance exploration
    • Immersive methods and exercises based on behavioral research and team dynamics
    • Relevant subject matter specialists that know your challenge, industry, or business
    • Highly trained Deloitte facilitators who specialize in intervention, disruption, alignment, and consensus-building

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