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The tax reporting life cycle

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More and more, executives are realizing the power of automation to free up their tax function and the potential to do more with less. In this episode, Deloitte Tax leaders Lisa Covelli and Stephane Lunan talk about the technologies and trends they’re seeing in the tax compliance space, and how executives can integrate them into their operations.

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Tax podcast: The tax reporting life cycle

June 1, 2021

When it comes to tax compliance, there’s no winging it. Companies need to have a solid plan in place. That plan, according to Deloitte Tax leaders Lisa Covelli and Stephane Lunan, includes a more automated digital tax environment. In this episode, Lisa and Stephane talk about where and how executives and tax leaders can find opportunities to automate within their tax compliance model:

I would like to challenge everyone out there to take a step back and think if they have ever considered alternative ways of automating the tax compliance process or using other technology tools to fill gaps that exist in their tech software.

—Lisa Covelli

Lisa and Stephane also urge tax departments to leverage the latest technologies, like data wrangling and robotics, to enhance mundane tasks, and offer advice on how to get it done right.

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