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The value of diversity and inclusion in tax departments

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There’s a growing recognition of how critical diversity and inclusion is to business performance. The challenge lies in translating the value of diversity and inclusion into impactful actions that your tax department can take.

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Tax podcast: The value of diversity and inclusion in tax departments

September 9, 2020

In this time of awakening of racial awareness, there’s a real opportunity for leaders to listen and then take the right steps to engage a diverse workforce that can come together to drive highly competitive and productive teams.

It’s critical that employees feel they can be themselves and thrive at work every day. This can only be achieved by providing a workplace culture characterized by inclusive everyday behaviors and built on a foundation of respect and appreciation for diversity in all its forms.

On this episode, Stephen Metoyer, tax principal and chief tax inclusion officer at Deloitte Tax, discusses the importance of having an inclusive culture in tax departments, the six signature traits of inclusive leadership, and the value this environment can bring to an organization and its professionals.

I think that diverse teams are table stakes these days. Consider just for a moment that those individuals might hold the key to the innovation in your organization. They might have the brightest idea in the room. They might have the thing that’s going to unlock the value that you need. And it is our charge as leaders to create that culture of inclusion so that they can do that.

—Stephen Metoyer

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