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Optimizing your US taxes becomes more important as tax laws continually change. Critical to this process is the smooth integration of foreign tax considerations with your US tax planning.

Our approach

The International Core of Excellence (ICE) is a US-based team of highly experienced, international tax practitioners from some of the largest countries and key financial centers. We are available to help you, here and now, with everything from new-business development to “one-off,” day-to-day questions that arise, to the coordination of tax resources in the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited network of firms from around the world.

Specifically, we have integrated foreign nationals into our US practice — specialists who understand the US context and your specific needs, and have a solid technical understanding of the foreign tax jurisdiction. As a result, we can explore a knowledgeable answer, often instantaneously, to your foreign tax questions.

We are available whenever and wherever you need us, and we can help in an array of areas, including:

  • Reducing foreign taxes
  • Optimizing cash repatriation
  • Restructuring your business to reduce worldwide taxes and optimizing foreign tax credits
  • Optimizing the tax of supply chain-oriented business restructurings
  • Using intellectual property in a global enterprise
  • Developing tax-effective financing strategies
  • Planning to expand your business, including a choice of entity and capitalization issues
  • Investigating and planning for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • Interpreting tax treaties

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2018 ICE essentials

The International Core of Excellence (ICE) essentials provide a first stop for potential investors wishing to gain a quick working perspective on the operating conditions and taxation and investment climate in the ICE countries.

The International Core of Excellence (ICE) team’s "ICEbreaker"

The International Core of Excellence (ICE) team’s "ICEbreaker" is a one-page summary of hot issues, legislative updates and other tax developments for each of the ICE countries, as well as for VAT.

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