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TaxPOV Services

A new point of view on your tax data

TaxPOV is a data analytics tool used by Deloitte Tax to deliver tax advisory services. Built on data uploaded from your federal and state tax returns, and augmented with insights and observations from Deloitte Tax professionals, our TaxPOV services bring to light the patterns, trends, and anomalies in your data and enable timely consideration of potential risks and opportunities. Our TaxPOV services facilitate a more strategic point of view on your tax data.

Tell your company’s tax story with clear and powerful visuals

Our TaxPOV service allows you to view easy-to-understand visuals that may help you tell your tax story in a manner that C-suite executives expect–succinctly and related to the company’s strategic priorities.

TaxPOV’s standard visualizations include:

  • Executive Summary–A snapshot of key tax metrics that illustrate your company’s tax position, such as book income, taxable income, tax depreciation, income by entity, book-to-tax adjustments, and other items important to your company.
  • Income statement/balance sheet–Displays key items from your income statement and balance sheet, including ten largest tax adjustments, to identify anomalies and patterns in your data.
  • State taxes–Displays state taxes paid, apportionment details, and state modifications with year-over-year comparative analysis to more effectively identify critical patterns in state compliance.

Answer complex questions with clarity and simplicity

  • Tax adjustments
    How do our tax adjustments compare to prior years? Quickly identify potential errors or patterns in tax adjustments.
  • Fixed assets
    Are all assets being depreciated appropriately for tax purposes? Detailed analytics and ad hoc reporting can identify outliers and anomalies in your high-volume depreciation data.
  • State apportionment
    How much tax are we paying in each state? Easily analyze volumes of state tax data with intuitive maps and summary tables.

Tax cloud technology

TaxPOV allows you and your entire tax team to view your data wherever you have authorized Web access. TaxPOV is also tablet-ready, giving you access to your important tax information just about anywhere, including at lunch with your CEO.

Why do analytics matter?

Applying the power of analytics and data visualization to your tax data may position you to take your tax planning and compliance activities to a new level. Our TaxPOV services may help your tax department:

  • Analyze critical tax information more effectively
  • More easily identify tax planning considerations
  • Bring a strategic point of view to your tax data

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