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Deloitte’s Tax Reform Navigator

Customized insights for business tax planning

​Prepare your organization for the potential impact of tax reform—even in a time of uncertainty. Deloitte Tax professionals use Tax Reform Navigator to deliver customized insights that can help you gain confidence in your business tax reform planning.

Mapping your tax reform future

With the future of tax reform still lacking clarity, financial executives and tax leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to conduct business tax planning. Yet board members and other senior executives expect them to understand how the organization might be impacted—and be ready with recommendations and action plans. To be effective, these business tax plans have to consider how potential tax reform scenarios affect the fundamentals of your business, reveal vulnerabilities, and create new opportunities. They have to be based on a thorough understanding of your organizations’ current tax positions. And they have to be current and adaptable in the face of changing conditions.​

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Deloitte's Tax Reform Navigator

​Deloitte helps tax and financial leaders prepare their organizations for reform with our Tax Reform Navigator (TRN). TRN is a web-based, tax reform impact modeling solution that combines state-of-the-art technology with our depth of client knowledge and tax experience. Using your company’s actual and projected financial data, Deloitte can explore with you a full range of “what if” scenarios—including any one of the three proposals currently on the table, as well as custom scenarios of your own design.

TRN provides a dynamic environment for comparing tax reform scenario impacts, drilling down into specific line items, and generating executive reports. When combined with Deloitte's Tax Planning Services, the result is a holistic and specific view of how potential tax reform proposals are likely to impact your organization and prioritized business tax plans for taking action if and when the time comes.

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Capabilities that build confidence

​As part of your tax reform journey, TRN provides a distinct set of capabilities for exploring your tax reform options and preparing your organization for what may come next.

  • More data, better data: Deloitte uses your most recent completed tax return as the starting point for tax reform impact modeling with TRN and forecasting your potential tax reform impact over a three-to-five-year horizon. In fact, TRN is built on a tax return framework, looking line-by-line at how tax reform could impact the individual components of your tax position. TRN applies the proposed tax reform scenarios to your most current and complete set of tax data.
  • Flexible, efficient modeling: TRN replaces static, manual, and time-consuming scenario development with a dynamic tax reform impact modeling tool that enables you to easily assess, compare, and update scenarios. And Deloitte tax professionals are here to help you—from data input and modeling to scenario analysis and business tax planning considerations.
  • Custom scenario planning: In addition to assessing the potential impact of the GOP House Blueprint, 2014 Camp Tax Plan, and Trump Administration’s initial proposal, TRN allows Deloitte to work with you to design your own custom scenarios. These may reflect what you believe are the most likely reforms, detrimental scenarios, or future positions for your business. You can then compare and contrast the impacts of your custom scenarios to those of the proposed plans.
  • Leadership-ready reporting: Deloitte works with you to design and generate reports that help you visualize your tax reform planning progress and allow you to contribute to business decision making with knowledge and confidence. These broad-based, but easy-to follow graphical reports can also be captured in PDF format for use in meetings and distribution via email.

"Companies that prepare now will be better positioned to act advantageously if and when tax reform is enacted. We created Tax Reform Navigator to enhance Deloitte’s tax reform advisory services and give companies the confidence to make informed decisions during uncertain times."

– Terri LaRae
Tax Reform Advisory Services national leader
Deloitte Tax LLP

Flexible and secure technology

TRN’s web-based technology platform is built on the latest service-oriented technologies and can scale easily to satisfy demanding tax reform impact modeling calculations. Deloitte tax professionals and technology specialists worked together to create the intuitive user experience and rich features. TRN uses attribute-based access control to manage permissions to features and data and leverages current encryption technologies for securing data. TRN is architected to be quickly and easily updated as tax reform policy evolves, allowing clients to see how these changes may potentially impact their modeling and business tax planning efforts.

Secure technology

Services for your tax reform journey

Deloitte’s Tax Consulting Services enhance and improve your tax reform journey. We leverage our decades of tax experience and multi-disciplinary business knowledge to help you analyze your starting position, explore your options, and build action-ready plans for potential tax reform opportunities. Whether your flashpoints are multinational tax issues, global employment complexities, or multi-state tax implications, Deloitte can provide tax advisory services to facilitate a clear path forward.


* A poll of more than 700 executives across a variety of industries was conducted during a Deloitte webcast focused on the outlook and planning around US tax reform. The webcast titled “Mapping your tax reform future.” was held May 24, 2017.

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